How to get vehicles out of the Impound Lot in GTA Online

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
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Modified 01 Feb 2021

Every now and then, players will have lost their car in GTA Online through some catastrophe or the other and find it impounded by the Los Santos Police Department. This kind of inconvenience can strike anytime as players in Freemode are generally not sticking around to hand out candy and free gifts to other players.

The first instinct that goes through the mind of a player when he/she sees another fellow player in Freemode is to launch a full-scale assault on them. This is why it is quite easy to have abandoned your vehicle in GTA Online and have it impounded by the city.

If the player has been shot by the police while near their Personal Vehicle, it will get impounded in a lot, and the player will have to retrieve through one way or the other.

There are several ways in which one can go about retrieving their vehicle in GTA Online's Impound Lot, and here are a few.

Getting vehicles out of the Impound Lot in GTA Online


The legal way

If one isn't trying to ruffle any feathers and is comfortable paying out GTA$250 to retrieve their Personal Vehicle, simply approach the gates of the Impound Lot in Davis and pay out a small sum to retrieve the vehicle from the Lot.

This is fast and easy but will require the player to drive down to Davis halfway across the map should they have spawned far away from it.

The adventurous route

To do this, simply scale the walls of the Impound Lot and drive one's vehicle out of the Lot. Doing so will give the player a Two-Star Wanted Level, which they can evade quite easily.

This is the most economical method as it doesn't cost much and feels like the thematically consistent way of retrieving one's car in GTA Online. To scale the walls, players will need a sufficiently tall SUV or similar vehicle and use that to mantle over the fence.

An alternative method is to approach the back of the Lot and use the ramp to scale over the walls quite easily.


This method is for ones that do not really have the time to drive down to the Lot and spend time retrieving their vehicle. To do this, simply bringing out another Personal Vehicle will cause the one in the Lot to get destroyed.

After which, they can use Mors Mutual Insurance to retrieve the car that was just destroyed. Understandably, the player will need insurance on their car beforehand to be able to use this method in GTA Online.

Published 01 Feb 2021
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