How to increase stealth and other attributes in GTA Online

(Image via GTA forums)
(Image via GTA forums)
Rahul Bhushan

One of the many ways by which GTA Online deepens its gameplay loop is through adopting RPG-like attributes and ranks for every player.

Each player has a certain skill level with each attribute, which affects their gameplay in GTA Online. For example, players with better stamina attributes will be able to sprint for longer and hold their breath underwater for longer. This will make them extremely adept during missions or other match types.

Increasing each attribute to its maximum will guarantee that the player will have a much easier time in GTA Online and not fall prey to higher-ranked players. Players can also use gameplay trickery to level up faster in the game.

A handy guide by Dana on Steam Community lists several methods to increase the attributes in the game.

How to increase stealth and other attributes in GTA Online


Having higher levels of stealth attributes in GTA Online allows players to use stealth mode efficiently. Players will be able to dispatch guards, enemies, and players without alerting anybody in the police's vicinity.

The only way to level up quicker is to use stealth as often as possible. Also, players can start any one of Gerald's missions and then head down to the beach and start using stealth, or kill pedestrians and other NPCs.

This is because Gerald's missions turn off the wanted level, allowing players to do as they please for a while down at the beach.


One of the older methods of leveling up strength in GTA Online was to hit, punch, and kick a car while a player was inside. This no longer works like it used to, but the Gerald method seems to work here as well.

Playing sports and activities such as tennis, golf, and arm wrestling will get the strength stat up.

Players must enable one of Gerald's missions again and head down to the beach to throw fisticuffs with the many NPCs present. While some might be able to take more of a beating, they will eventually succumb. Players can spend hours punching pedestrians on the beach to increase strength in GTA Online.


Flying is also a handy stat as the player will probably be flying around a lot to do VIP/CEO work in GTA Online. To get the flying stat up, players can run through the course at the flying School.

Alternatively, performing successful landings and takeoffs will also reward the player by improving the stat. The yellow-dotted line that appears during landing is a good indication as to which direction the plane should be landing in.

Following that line will help players level up quicker, and performing a series of touch-and-go's will surely boost the flying stat by quite a bit.


This stat will level up naturally as players will spend most of their time driving in GTA Online. All players must do is play the game, and they will eventually max out this attribute by the time they reach level 20.

There is not much else the player needs to do in the game.


Shooting is possibly the hardest stat to level up and will take countless hours in the shooting range. Rather than trying to level up by playing deathmatches or adversary modes slowly, it's much easier to head to the gun range in Ammu-Nation and try out the challenges.

The shooting stat improves the player's chance to come away victorious in a gunfight in GTA Online.

Lung Capacity

To improve lung capacity in GTA Online, players need to stock up their inventory with all sorts of food and snacks. Follow this method from the guide to improve the stat:

  1. Head down to the lake in Mirror Park.
  2. Swim as far as possible in the lake.
  3. Let the air run out and keep eating snacks through the inventory.
  4. After the player runs out of snacks, head down the hull to the convenience store.
  5. Repeat until stat is maxed out.


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