How to join Grizzly Gaming server in GTA 5 RP

Image via PCGamesN
Image via PCGamesN

One of the biggest ways by which GTA 5 has found new life on the internet and in the gaming community is through the excellent roleplaying community and mods by FiveM.

GTA RP is one of the coolest mods in the game's history and is essentially another game unto itself, given how intricate and expansive it is.

GTA 5 RP is a multiplayer mod developed by FiveM that lets players take part in the GTA game world, but not as the main characters or protagonists, but the otherwise-NPCs.

Players must roleplay and fir their characters' occupations and go about their daily routines while playing well with other players on the server. They are judged on their ability to roleplay and carry out their jobs and contribute to the server community.

There are many servers to pick from, such as Grizzly Gaming, and the best way to go about playing on it is to join the Discord server first.

Joining the Grizzly Gaming server in GTA 5 RP

Here is how players can join the Grizzly Gaming server in GTA 5 RP:


Essentially, how GTA RP works is that servers allows for multiplayers to play the game at once in different type of modes. How a server works is that it applies a combination of different mods to offer varied game modes to the players on the server.

Getting in on a server and getting to play is one of the hardest aspects of GTA RP as it is extremely important for the game world to feel as real. This is why moderators are always on the lookout for players who might break character and disrupt other player's immersion in the game world. Joining a GTA RP server is not a difficult task and depends on multiple factors.

To get in on any server, such as Grizzly Gaming, players must first register on their official website and also join the public Discord server. Most times, players will be put in queue and assessed as moderators to make sure players aren't simply there to cause a ruckus.

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