How to join NoPixel GTA 5 RP server

GTA RP has quickly become the biggest thing currently in the gaming community (Image via The Loadout)
GTA RP has quickly become the biggest thing currently in the gaming community (Image via The Loadout)
Rahul Bhushan

GTA RP has snowballed into one of the biggest successes from the modding community and a fresh, new way to experience the game.

Essentially, what GTA RP boils down to is that the players take on roles in the city and then do their best to stick to their characters. This is what is referred to as Roleplaying, and several games have adopted mods like these in the past.

GTA 5 is especially conducive to Roleplaying and has become one of the biggest topics of discussion in gaming today.

In order to play GTA RP, players will usually have to download the mod, most popular being from FiveM, and then use a combination of mods to suit the server they choose to play on.

There are several popular servers available for GTA RP, the most famous ones being NoPixel, Eclipse, Mafia City, and GTA World.

Joining NoPixel GTA 5 RP server


NoPixel is, by far, one of the most popular servers for Roleplaying and is frequented by popular streamers and content creators. So, it is easy to gather that getting onto the server is a gigantic task.

Applications are extremely limited and often shut down due to the large number they would receive on a daily basis. To apply to the server, players must simply visit their website and create an account to get started.

They can then actively take part in the NoPixel GTA RP community and apply to the server through a robust application system. Players can choose to donate to the server, which will help the server sustain itself, and in return, their applications will be processed faster.

However, donator must also apply like regular people, and only their applications will be processed faster than regular. At a time, NoPixel supports up to 32 players. Surely, one can imagine how ridiculously tough it would be to get in.

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