How to unlock the Terrorbyte and the MOC in GTA Online

Vehicles are crucial in GTA games (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Vehicles are crucial in GTA games (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
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To truly move up in the world of GTA Online, players must make lots of money, but more importantly, back it up with tons of firepower and useful properties.

One of the many ways GTA Online encourages players to look past the heists and PvP modes is allowing them to make passive income and see their bank accounts hit ridiculously high numbers. To start making serious bank in GTA Online, players should invest in businesses and run illegal operations.

Not only do they offer high passive income, but they also unlock things like the Terrorbyte and the MOC. These are two of the most ridiculously expensive yet highly useful commodities in GTA Online.

Unlocking GTA Online's Terrorbyte and MOC



To unlock the Terrorbyte, players have to buy a Nightclub in GTA Online. The club has missions of its own and even a Warehouse that can be used to run various businesses like Meth, Cocaine, and more.

The Nightclub presents an excellent avenue for players to make money in GTA Online. More than that, just the fact that they can run a Nightclub of their own and pick the name, designs, and the DJs that perform should be novelty enough to purchase one.

The Terrorbyte unlocks in Warstock Cache and Carry after purchasing a Nightclub and can be bought for a minimum of $1,375,000. It goes up to $3,459,500 with more customization options added.

Features of the Terrorbyte:

  • Armor- Explosive and bullet resistance
  • Weapons- Missile barrage
  • Operation hub for all eight businesses
  • Weapon Workshop
  • Paige Harris' Client Jobs
  • Drone Station
  • Can be summoned

Mobile Operations Center (MOC)


If there ever were a single vehicle that looked the absolute meanest killing machine in all of Los Santos, then it would be the MOC. It is essentially a military barrack on wheels and will be the player's best friend, holding their hands through the dangerous world of GTA Online's Freemode.

The MOC is a heavyweight boxer of a vehicle, an operations base on wheels. To unlock it, players need to buy a Bunker to store the vehicle.

Features of the MOC:

  • Vehicle Storage
  • Armour
  • Weapon Workshop
  • Weapons-Front and Rear Turrets

The MOC is available from Warstock Cache and Carry for $1,225,000 and goes up to 2,790,000 with customization options.

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