Is GTA 4 the most underrated game in the series?

GTA 4 is quite an underrated game (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA 4 is quite an underrated game (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 4 was the first of its kind to be launched in the HD Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series, and the eleventh title overall.

It was released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2008. According to Take-Two Interactive, GTA 4’s first-day sales surpassed $310 million and represented the most significant launch in the history of interactive entertainment at that time.

The game also won numerous accolades, but despite its commercial success, it’s still an underrated game in the series for reasons worth mentioning.

Three reasons why GTA 4 is underrated

1) Realistic physics


The game has the most controversial driving mechanism in the history of the Grand Theft Auto series. Vehicles have actual weight and mass, which players can feel when driving them around the corners. It doesn’t feel arcadish but a bit more on the simulation side in a positive way.

Even steering inputs for each vehicle are highly optimized according to its size. This adds authenticity to the open-world nature of the title. No other game in the series can match its driving mechanism so far.

Not just driving, but most dynamic objects experience gravity and act accordingly.

2) Best narrative


All GTA games have grand narratives, but GTA 4’s story takes a more realistic approach. It is a much darker and more grounded story than any other title in the series. It has a highly complex plot that introduces a lot of characters.

The game allows users to change the plot by making certain choices. It creates an atmosphere where Niko Bellic, the main protagonist, is haunted by his past actions throughout the story. All the decisions gamers impact the emotional narrative of the story, further adding a lot of replayability to the game.

The game also handles real-life subjects such as immigration, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and many others, making it one of the most controversial offerings in the series for many fans.

3) Liberty City


The game is based in Liberty City, which players can visit again. It is the most lifelike city to feature in any game at release. It’s much more detailed, with huge buildings and traffic on every block in the game.

Every element of the open world showcases a realistic approach that users can explore and engage with.

This level of detail adds realism and allows gamers to experience Liberty City from a refreshing side. This clearly shows that Rockstar Games has surely preferred quality over quantity on the map.

Overall, GTA 4 is one of the best games in series history, and players should try it out if they haven’t already.

Note: This article is purely subjective and solely reflects the author’s views.

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