Job listing from Rockstar Games sparks rumours of GTA 6 trailer and more

(Image via TechRadar)
(Image via TechRadar)

A recent job listing on Rockstar Games' Careers page seems to have sparked rumors of a GTA 6 trailer. The rumor mill is now going into hyperdrive. For a game that hasn't had any confirmation from Rockstar, it is talked about quite often.

Job listings have always provided a means through which players can confirm or deny some of their theories. The video game community has seen over time that job listings tend to mislead, which is why news of this sort must be taken with a grain of salt.

GTA 6 is a collective obsession of the video game community. It shouldn't be a surprise that fans are hoping that there's more to this news.

Job listing from Rockstar Games sparks rumors of GTA 6 trailer and more

Rockstar Games Careers
Rockstar Games Careers

A game trailer sets the tone for the game and provides the video game community with something to talk about and dissect for weeks. A GTA 6 trailer would break the internet. There would be a meltdown, given the hype surrounding the game.

Rockstar's careers page specifically listed an opening for Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist at Rockstar New York. According to the listing, the role requires someone who can shoot in-game footage for online and TV campaigns.

That sounds like a role that involves creating a trailer. Whether it means GTA 6 specifically is unclear. With rumors of remasters of older GTA games still rampant, it wouldn't be a surprise if Rockstar are looking to shoot a trailer for said remasters.

This job could also be related to GTA 5's Expanded and Enhanced Edition since it is nearing a release.

Rockstar Games can currently afford to sit on their laurels and rake in money by the millions through GTA Online.

However, Rockstar's approach to game development has never been to rest on its laurels. It has constantly pushed boundaries. Rockstar Games has proved beyond doubt that they are pioneers and innovators.

GTA 5 and GTA Online's success would've sent most studios into a state of complacency, but not Rockstar. Between 2013 and the present-day, Rockstar managed to put out Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, a herculean task for any studio.

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