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Locations of all the ATMs in GTA Online

In GTA Online, players can use the ATM to withdraw or deposit money (Image via u/Mixava, Reddit)
In GTA Online, players can use the ATM to withdraw or deposit money (Image via u/Mixava, Reddit)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 18 Dec 2020, 07:19 IST

It is truly remarkable how Rockstar was able to translate the core GTA experience to Online and not have it fall through, given its scale and scope.

GTA V and Online are incredibly well-detailed games with so much to do that players will often miss out on fascinating elements entirely on a rushed playthrough.

Rockstar has always been lauded for its painstaking dedication to crafting an authentic, immersive, and engaging open-world with incredible attention to detail.

From rather interesting and suspect NPC dialogues to hilarious radio commercials, GTA has just about perfected the art of satire in video games.

One of the many ways with which GTA uses gameplay for the purpose of satire is through an otherwise innocuous element. ATMs are spread throughout the map of Los Santos and are there perhaps only for the player to rob NPCs using them.

Locations of all the ATMs in GTA Online

While the ATM in GTA Online could be used to deposit or withdraw money, as it is never a good idea to carry a lot of cash on oneself, the same can be done through the Maze Bank website in the in-game phone.


Players need not seek out a physical ATM on the map in GTA Online to make use of their Bank Account. Instead, the ATM is a prime location to rob random NPCs that use it.

imply waiting for a pedestrian to finish using the machine and then promptly knocking them out and stealing from them will give the player a small chunk of change, roughly GTA$40-120.

The player can find the closest ATM by simply using the Quick GPS Navigation in the Interaction Menu. Here all the locations of ATMs in GTA Online:

Downtown Los Santos

  • Peaceful Street (at Quik House and Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter building)
  • Vespucci Boulevard (at Lombank Tower)
  • Vespucci Boulevard (at FLEECA branch)
  • San Andreas Avenue (at FIB Headquarters)
  • San Andreas Avenue (at Maison Ricard)
  • Power Street (at Union Depository)
  • Alta Street (at 707 Vespucci, corner of Vespucci Boulevard)
  • Elgin Avenue (at Escapism Travel branch)
  • Strawberry Avenue (at Robert Dazzler International Jewelry Exchange, corner of San Andreas Avenue)


  • Clinton Avenue (inside a 24/7)
  • Spanish Avenue (between Pop's Pills and a public parking lot)
  • Eclipse Boulevard (at Hardcore Comic Store)
  • West Mirror Drive (inside a Limited Service convenience store)
  • West Mirror Drive (next to Chico's Hypermarket)
  • Corner of Mirror Park Boulevard and Nikola Avenue (at a small shopping mall)
  • Corner of Hawick Avenue and Las Lagunas Boulevard (outside a liquor store)
  • Corner of Vinewood Boulevard and Power Street (at the Vinewood Mall souvenir gift shop)
  • Two sets within Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank on Vinewood Boulevard (after installation of the Heists Update)

Little Seoul

  • Corner of Palomino Avenue and San Andreas Avenue (at Little Seoul Tower)
  • Lindsay Circus (inside a Limited Service convenience store)
  • Vespucci Boulevard (next to a Kayton branch and Arirang Plaza)
  • Vespucci Boulevard (between Look-See and Blick stores)

Del Perro

  • Prosperity Street Promenade (at the Astro Theaters)
  • Bay City Avenue (at Maze Bank branch)


  • Boulevard Del Perro (at FLEECA branch, next to the BAWSAQ and Betta building)
  • Cougar Avenue (next to an International Online Unlimited branch)

Rockford Hills

  • Mad Wayne Thunder Drive (Lombank branch, corner of South Boulevard Del Perro)
  • Corner of Dorset Drive and Heritage Way (International Online Unlimited building)
  • Back entrance of Leopolds

South Los Santos

  • Corner of Grove Street and Davis Avenue (inside a Limited Service convenience store)


  • Route 1 (outside Rob's Liquor and FLEECA branch).
  • Barbareno Road (at 24/7)
  • Ineseno Road (at 24/7)
  • Chumash Plaza (at Blaine County Savings Bank branch)

Paleto Bay

  • Great Ocean Highway (at RON filling station, next to Pop's Pills)
  • Paleto Boulevard (near a liquor store and the Sheriff's office)
  • Cascabel Avenue (at Blaine County Savings Bank branch)

Sandy Shores

  • Zancudo Avenue (Sandy Shores Medical Center)


  • Grapeseed Main Street (LTD Gasoline)

(source: GTA Wiki Fandom)

Published 17 Dec 2020, 17:06 IST
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