Michael in GTA 5: All you need to know about the character

Michael De Santa. Image: Pinterest.
Michael De Santa. Image: Pinterest.

The GTA franchise has never shied away from trying newer things in the game. GTA 5 was the first time a player could actually take control of three protagonists. Michael De Santa is one of the three protagonists of the game. Michael, along with Trevor and Franklin takes part in various heist missions in GTA 5.

Backstory of Michael De Santa


Michael De Santa, previously known as Michael Townley, had a rough past and was subjected to the violence of an abusive father. He started off as a petty criminal at a young age and gradually got himself involved in various crimes along with his friend Trevor Philips. In order to escape from his past and lead a better life with his family, Michael faked his death, changed his name and moved to Los Santos.

Michael’s introduction to the world of GTA 5

Michael with Franklin and Trevor. Image: YouTube.
Michael with Franklin and Trevor. Image: YouTube.

Due to his complex and unhealthy relationship with his family, Michael goes back to his criminal life and gets in touch with his old friend, Trevor. Michael gradually becomes a guide and a mentor to Franklin.

Michael’s Character in GTA 5

Michael is a complex character who spends his time over-thinking. He is so controlling that he becomes morose and wistful when things don't go his way. He reminisces about his glory days of the past and is often hurt by the pangs of the present circumstances.

He also hates himself for not being able to keep his life on track and often loses his temper. Michael can also be very narcissist and egotistic at times. He acts like a hypocrite and never accepts his mistakes. Michael is also dishonest sometimes, which is one of the many reasons of his fallout with his family.

In spite of all the flaws and troubled relationships, Michael is very protective of everyone. He cares about his friends and is also very rational while taking criminal decisions. Michael is also known for his sarcastic chides.

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