New GTA 6 rumors by prominent leaker suggest the series will finally be getting a female protagonist

It's time for women to run amok on the GTA map (Image via thegtaplace)
It's time for women to run amok on the GTA map (Image via thegtaplace)

Rumblings, whispers, and talk of a female protagonist have been all over the internet regarding GTA 6, and new rumors seem to have egged them on.

For the most part, the GTA franchise has been headed by a male protagonist, or protagonists in the last game in the series, Grand Theft Auto 5. Over the years, Rockstar Games and its creatives have received stick from the gaming community for female representation, or lack of it, in the franchise.

Women in the GTA series are either relegated to the sidelines as something of a damsel in distress, a passive observer, or in the worst case, used for laughs and to only be ridiculed and objectified (Amanda, Tracey, Catalina, and countless others).

However, with Rockstar turning over a new leaf with Red Dead Redemption 2 concerning female representation (Sadie Adler, Susan Grimshaw), is it time for the GTA series to finally introduce a female protagonist? This rumor indeed suggests so.

New GTA 6 rumors from prominent miner point to a female protagonist

Female characters in the GTA franchise have had little to no agency in the story. This fact is baffling, as Rockstar showcased its ability to write compelling female characters in its last project, Red Dead Redemption 2.

This would suggest that GTA is next in line to be more nuanced regarding female representation. There have long been rumors on the internet suggesting that the next game would include a female protagonist.

That would certainly be a step in the right direction as so many iconic characters in gaming have been female, and the GTA franchise has a lot of catching up to do.

The latest rumor comes from Tom Henderson, well known in the gaming community for his leaks and scoops of Call of Duty news and content.


While the tweet, much like all of gaming "leaks," must be taken with a pinch of salt, it is still a bright idea for the future of the GTA franchise. Many instances of this particular rumor have popped up on message boards, subreddits, and just about everywhere on the internet.

While it could also be stemming from wishful thinking, the amount of steam the rumor seems to be picking up might force Rockstar's hand into making it a reality.

So far, the publisher hasn't released as much as a peep about GTA 6, much less commented on rumors. All fans can do is wait and see how events transpire in the coming months, potentially years, before GTA 6 comes out.

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