New GTA RP player breaks character, leaves cops in a fit of laughter in viral clip

The hilarious moment went down on GTA RP server NoPixel (image via jonthebroski, Twitch)
The hilarious moment went down on GTA RP server NoPixel (image via jonthebroski, Twitch)
Danyal Arabi

GTA RP server NoPixel has given players the perfect playground to live a virtual life. With the depth offered by the server's mechanics, its popularity shot through the roof in record time, as players flocked to apply for a slot in the server.

Among these fresh roleplayers was one such individual who thought his RP skills were up to snuff, but ended up being a laughing stock for the entire server.

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New GTA RP players becomes a laughing stock after breaking character


A pillar of the GTA RP NoPixel experience is being committed to roleplaying within the universe of the server. Players are extremely careful in keeping their interactions true to the characters in-game and do not break the fourth wall by referencing the real world.

Apparently one such gamer did not get the memo, as he obliviously stated that he "spawned" in, leaving the police officers who pulled him over in splits.

"Just came back into the city and my head popped. When I spawned in an officer .... "What did you just say?" "I'm not sure what's going on"

Not realizing his mistake, he says he spawned in once again, which led to further amusement, as the cops were baffled by his inability to RP. Ironically enough, the player managed to get himself arrested in the same stream and dug an even deeper grave for himself.

"If you're going to pretend to be a cop you should learn how to f*****g do it right?"

Safe to say that NoPixel's admins will not take kindly to someone breaking the RP rules so blatantly and players can expect the offender to be banned swiftly to make space for someone else on their massive wait list.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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