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Paleto Forest in GTA 5: All you need to know

(Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
(Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 04 Jan 2021, 18:56 IST

The GTA franchise, for almost two decades, has given the gaming community plenty to celebrate, along with plenty of myths and secrets to mull over.

Rockstar Games are known for their incredible attention to detail, particularly in the GTA games. They manage to cram all sorts of wonderous myths and secrets, with the helping of Easter Eggs.

GTA 5 was no slouch in this department either, as a matter of fact, it might just be the most lore-rich and fantastically crafted open-world game to date. Each area of the game, no matter how little importance it has to the main story, is given equal amounts of attention and care in development.

Take, for instance, the Paleto Forest. Apart from one story mission that takes place in the area, the entire forest does not seem all that interesting on the face of it. However, veteran GTA fans know that the area will be home to hilarious or even creepy secrets and myths. It is, after all, a Rockstar tradition.

Paleto Forest in GTA 5: All you need to know

The Paleto Forest is south of Paleto Bay and on the base of Mount Chilliad. If a player is looking to catch some scenic photographs, then this is the perfect spot.

The place is also known to be a favorite of the GTA community because it has been a hotspot for all sorts of creepy hauntings and myths.

Here are some myths lurking in Paleto Forest:

#1 - Bigfoot


The giant sasquatch has been a fascination of the GTA community for years. It supposedly dwells in Paleto Forest, and the player will eventually run into one during the mission "The Last One" as Franklin.

The player is in for a surprise as the quest suddenly takes a turn by being quite emotional and sad rather than adventurous.

#2 - Panic in the Woods

This is an extremely rare occurrence that supposedly takes place in Paleto Forest. A loud, screeching noise pierces through the woods and the player's health will begin to deplete until they return to the city.


  • The Logger Beer lumberjack statue at the Bayview Lodge carries a wooden beer keg; if the keg is shot at, the liquid will pour out of the bullet holes.
  • The lumberjack can be seen on the side of the Paradise van from the Beach Bum Pack, if it is chosen by the player when they buy it, or by respraying it at Los Santos Customs.
  • The cable car can be blown off the wires by placing sticky bombs on the top.

(source: GTA Wiki Fandom)

Published 04 Jan 2021, 18:56 IST
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