Real KeV3n just took back the GTA San Andreas world record

GTA San Andreas has a storied history in speedrunning (Image via ThirstyHyena, YouTube)
GTA San Andreas has a storied history in speedrunning (Image via ThirstyHyena, YouTube)

Yesterday, speedrunner Real KeV3n managed to take back the world record for GTA San Andreas in the Any% category.

Real KeV3n is a prominent in GTA circles for his informative videos about the series. He is also a professional speedrunner, particularly for GTA San Andreas. Real KeV3n did previously hold the record for Any% category. However, the year-long record was broken last month by PeeBee.

With a shot at redemption, Real KeV3n improved his run to 13 minutes and 56 seconds. By comparison, PeeBee's record was 14 minutes and 13 seconds. Technically speaking, Real KeV3n submitted his run at the start of August. However, it wasn't until yesterday that it was verified at

How Real KeV3n got back the GTA San Andreas world record for Any% speedruns


As stated by Real KeV3n himself, he almost broke his controls with this record-breaking run. GTA San Andreas can be completed in less than 15 minutes thanks to a specific glitch. This is what the Any% category is about - finishing the game as fast as possible, regardless of glitches.

Speaking of which, this glitch only works for the remastered version of GTA San Andreas. As such, Real KeV3n plays the game from the Microsoft Store. Speedrunners tend to use the fastest versions of their respective games.

The trick to GTA San Andreas speedruns


Under specific conditions, players can warp to the firetruck section of the final mission, End of the Line. By doing so, it significantly reduces the amount of time spent playing GTA San Andreas. However, it requires strict timing.

At the start of GTA San Andreas, players must obtain a cop bike. Once they start the Vigilante mission, they must cancel it within the internal game clock of 7:46. They need to put it in the Johnson house garage.

During the Big Smoke mission, players need to take specific routes away from vending machines. Remember, the final mission skip only occurs because of the in-game variable set by the vigilante mission. If players go near vending machines, the variable is reset, rendering the glitch pointless.


Players will also need grenades for the next park. Now park a cop bike near Ryder's house. The Vigilante mission can be activated with a key, so hold it in place. Jump off the bike and let go of the key right as CJ leaves.

Begin the Ryder mission - players should let go of the key and spam the F button just as the screen turns black. This sets the specific variable needed for the warp. When players go to the barber shop with Ryder, Sweet will call them. Hold down the key for answering the phone, then enter the barber shop.

''You know something? I take it back. Old Reece still got it cracking.''

The above dialogue is what Ryder says when a player gets a specific haircut. Choose the Afro for $150, then keep pausing the game so Ryder repeats himself. When CJ leaves the shop, he should let go of the answer phone key. Players should enter the shop again so they can regain control of the camera.


Run back to Grove Street, all while pausing the game so Ryder keeps spouting the same line. Go near the cop bike from earlier, then restart the Ryder mission. Use grenades to blow up Ryder's vehicle, then hop right back on the cop bike. When the camera switches to the cut-scene, start the vigilante mission.

If done correctly, players will teleport to the final mission of GTA San Andreas (specifically the last section). All that's left is to do an auto-scrolling shootout and wait for Tenpenny to crash his firetruck.

Why it's ridiculously hard to pull off


Real KeV3n makes it look easy, but performing this glitch requires precise timing. If the variables are reset at any point, it will render the run obsolete. The hardest part is getting down to the right timing.

For example, when CJ gets off the bike to perform a frame-perfect input for Vigilante missions, there is only a 33% it works (according to Real KeV3n). That's not even getting to how many other inputs require a time frame of a few milliseconds. It's relentlessly difficult.

Real KeV3n and the Any% speedrun


Real KeV3n certainly had room for improvement in his run. He did crash into vehicles a few times. However, his Any% speedrun in GTA San Andreas is remarkable. Real KeV3n already held the world record for over a year. When he lost it, it only took a month to reclaim the title.

Speedrunning is all about shaving off those last few seconds. Unless new tricks are discovered, it gets progressively harder each time. That's what makes it impressive for Real KeV3n to take back his record.

Practice makes perfect in GTA San Andreas. Without the mission warp glitch, it wouldn't be possible for Real KeV3n to finish the game this quickly. With trial and error, he sits at the very top of Any% speedruns for GTA San Andreas.

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