Fresh GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas Remake rumors surface as GTA 3's 20-year anniversary draws near

GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas defined the 3D era (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas defined the 3D era (Image via Rockstar Games)
Danyal Arabi

Rumors of GTA's 3D era games being remastered have been floating around for the past year as GTA 3's 20-year anniversary draws near. The rumors initially claimed that GTA 3 would be completely remade from the ground up in Rockstar's modern RAGE engine with visual features that come close to Red Dead Redemption 2's fidelity. After a brief lull for a few months, a fresh wave of rumors has hit the internet that now claim that not just GTA 3 but Vice City and San Andreas will be getting a remaster as well.

Prominent GTA community member stirs up GTA Trilogy rumours on GTA Forums


GTA community member and enthusiast Mach1bud recently posted a slew of details about the GTA Trilogy that he believes are likely to come true in the near future. Conversing with a few GTA fans on the GTA Forums platform, Mach1bud answered a few questions regarding the remasters (quoted verbatim from the original thread):

Q. All 3 are gonna be remakes.

A. Ya gotta remember that they have a solid amount of the content already created in GTAO. Like many of the cars.

Q. One studio can't remake all three in just a couple of years. Especially San Andreas which is a big game.

A. Rockstar doesnt work on any project with just "one studio". Also San Andreas isn't that big of a game compared to modern games.

Q. So, would they just reuse that car model and give it a different name in that different game instead?

A. Yes.

Q. Just to make sure, @Mach1bud by remake, do you mean something on the scale of Mafia 1 remake?

A. That is what I am expecting yes. Better looking than GTA V but not quite as good as RDR2.

Q. Mate you gotta be kidding. After all this time "All 3 are gonna be remakes"? Why would anyone in their right mind use this kinda wording for "speculation"?

A. Some things are better off left defined in a certain way until the truth is revealed. For now, take my words as speculation. In the future you can make up your own mind about what the things I've said to be what you think they are or are not. The future will be unreal. Trust me on that.

As is customary, fans shouldn't accept any rumors or speculations as facts unless confirmed by the developers themselves. Mach1bud himself signs off with the following disclaimer:

I should say all of this is purely my speculation and not based on any insider info, leaks, etc. Because ya know, I don't get that kinda info, ever.

Players don't have that long to wait in terms of an announcement as GTA 3's 20-year anniversary is fast approaching on 22 October 2021.

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