GTA 6 fans find new details on Rockstar employees' LinkedIn profiles

GTA 6 fans find new details from Rockstar employees (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 6 fans find new details from Rockstar employees (Image via Sportskeeda)

New information on GTA 6 has come to the surface. GTA fans, keenly waiting for the release of the next main game, have found two LinkedIn profiles of Rockstar Games Employees that convey a lot of information about the upcoming game.

Coming the internet for crumbs of information on the upcoming title, internet sleuth's hard work has paid off as they came across two Rockstar Games employees' LinkedIn profiles that revealed some new information related to GTA 6. Whether it is Rockstar Games' new way of quietly releasing information to keep the hype going or whether the discovery was a brilliant piece of detective work remains to be seen.

New GTA 6 details found by fans

The Linkedin profile in question
The Linkedin profile in question

Fans have found the profiles of two Rockstar Games employees, Ryan Schacter and Nathan Hunt, to be filled with some new information. The first piece of information they found in their profiles was a confirmation that both of them had been working on the highly anticipated game. From the information found, players have speculated that the game title might be numbered.

Ryan Schacter, a Senior Animator, is working on the gameplay animation of the game. His profile states that his role is to:

"Work closely with Design to plan and implement unique story-driven animation vignettes. Refine and cleanup all motion capture; create movement sets and work closely with mission designers to ensure implementation as intended. Scenario creation in state-machine editor; character/prop flags, tagging, motion matching/blending etc."
The second LinkedIn profile with GTA 6 information
The second LinkedIn profile with GTA 6 information

Nathan Hunt is a Senior Cinematics Camera Artist. His bio mentions:

“Design and creates cinematic transitions for cut-scenes and interactive scenarios, responsible for cinematics cinematography and narrative design flow for immersive, seamless transitions from cinematics to in-game”

His tenure at Rockstar ended in February this year, but Grand Theft Auto 6 was explicitly mentioned as a project he worked on. Some fans also mentioned that cinematic transitions might confirm rumors about the switching between protagonists.

What has been confirmed for GTA 6 so far?


Since Rockstar Games confirmed that development on Grand Theft Auto 6 is “well underway” in February, a lot of leaks related to the map, city, storyline, and the first controversial screenshot of the game have surfaced.

As of now, there's no way of confirming the legitimacy of the leak, and it is open to speculation. After a long wait since February, the information uncovered from the LinkedIn profiles of Rockstar Games employees seems to be the closest bit of real information that fans have got their hands on.

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Though nothing has been confirmed yet, players are excited to potentially see new features like side missions, female leads, contemporary settings, unlimited weapons, car customization, and more in the new game.

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