Everything to know about the Sea Sparrow Helicopter in GTA Online

Image via GTA fandom
Image via GTA fandom

In GTA Online, the Sea Sparrow Helicopter is quite a star. Compact in size and classy in style, this miniature helicopter is every player's dream.

Part of the reason why the GTA series is the most popular franchise in the world is because of all the classic vehicles the player can own and flaunt around while shredding the enemy into unrecognizable chunks.

Moreover, vehicles - especially lightweight helicopters like the Sea Sparrow, not only save the player from being blown into pieces by the rival party but also make deadly missions like grand heists seem like a walk in the park.

The Sea Sparrow is another legendary vehicle to grace the robust folds of GTA Online.

This article will take a look at all the cool features this civilian helicopter hosts and why it is an absolute must-have in GTA Online.

Sea Sparrow Helicopter in GTA Online: Everything to know about the miniature helicopter

Image via GTA fandom
Image via GTA fandom

The Sea Sparrow is a miniature helicopter sporting an amphibious attack body style hosting spacious capacity for two people: the pilot and the passenger.

As far as design and build is considered, the Sea Sparrow heavily takes after the Bell Model 47 "Sioux."

This miniature helicopter is equipped with a 50 caliber machine gun and sturdy landing skids with the attachment of pontoons, making it one of the best-weaponized vehicles in GTA Online out there.

The performance of the Sea Sparrow in GTA Online is based rather heavily on the efficiency of the Buzzard Attack Chopper and the Buzzard.

The Sea Sparrow is super stable in the air, which is not a surprise at all, given its lightweight body and compact frame. The handling of the helicopter is smooth, allowing the player to maintain a steady flight and effortlessly maneuver out of trouble.

Like its predecessor, the Buzzard, the Sea Sparrow is one of the fastest birds out there in GTA Online. Recorded at 140 knots at full throttle, the Sea Sparrow leaves its counterparts in the dust.

What's more, the Sea Sparrow performs surprisingly well in water and flaunts a graceful landing. However, due to its compact body, it tends to glide away from the player after a rough landing.

Unlike many other helicopters in GTA Online, the Sea Sparrow hosts an upgradable armor - a feature that makes the Sea Sparrow immune to the attacks of the deadly Heavy Sniper for up to 18 rounds. That should give the player enough time to maneuver out of trouble before the inevitable unfolds.

The Sea Sparrow can be bought from Elitas Travel for $1,815,000 in GTA Online.

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