Should players get the Itali RSX or Krieger in GTA Online

GTA Online's cars can be multi million dollar investments like the Itali RSX (image via GTA Boom)
GTA Online's cars can be multi million dollar investments like the Itali RSX (image via GTA Boom)
Danyal Arabi

With GTA Online's top end race car category being extremely saturated, players are torn between multiple strong contenders for a track racing car.

Having to choose between the Itali RSX and the similarly priced Benefactor Krieger is one of the tougher decisions for players as the stats for both vehicles as well as the multi million dollar price tags are almost identical. Here's a quick comparison for players looking to choose between the two and a few insights into the cars that go beyond the numbers.

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Itali RSX vs Benefactor Krieger in GTA Online

Before delving into the nuances of each vehicle, players must be familiar with the stock performance numbers and price tags for each car:

Itali RSX:

  • Speed - 87.54
  • Acceleration - 100.00
  • Braking- 45.00
  • Handling - 100.00
  • Price: GTA $3,465,000 or $2,598,750 (trade price)


  • Speed - 86.81
  • Acceleration - 93.50
  • Braking - 37.33
  • Handling - 100.00
  • Price: GTA $2,875,000

While neck and neck in performance, the Itali RSX and the Krieger have a very crucial difference between them and that is their kerb weight. The Itali RSX weighs in at 1,600 KG while the Benefactor Krieger weighs in at just 1,250 KG. While both cars do sport an all-wheel-drive drivetrain, the Krieger makes for a ride that corners much better than the Itali RSX in practice.

Even though the Itali RSX trumps the Krieger at straight line speed, no race would be perfectly straight and the maneuvarability of the Krieger makes it the better choice against not just the Itali RSX but even rear wheel drive cars like the Progen Emerus.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views

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