Should Rockstar stick to multiple protagonists with GTA 6 or revert to one main character?

Multiple characters in GTA 6?
Multiple characters in GTA 6? (Image via gta6mods)
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With the hype for GTA 6 as high as ever and GTA 5 being Rockstar Games' biggest success, the publisher will undoubtedly implement the best features from the latter into the new title. GTA 5 generated billions for the company and will always be Rockstar's prized possession.

It had many amazing missions and vehicles, but the main attraction of GTA 5 is that the story was about three different characters with different backgrounds and how they interacted with each other.

This attempt by Rockstar was unique and helped the game become what it is today, and its success can be attributed to the storyline and character design. With three fascinating characters working alongside each other, gamers get more than a streamlined experience.

GTA 5 is a mixture of personalities giving the title more variety and playstyles. Users can play as Franklin from the hood, who is trying to move out of his aunt's place. Or they can take the role of Trevor and go overboard with the missions while building Trevor Phillips Enterprises, or they can play as Michael and understand his family's distress.


Should Rockstar stick to multiple protagonists with GTA 6 or revert to one main character?

Benefits of single protagonist


GTA San Andreas and GTA 4 were huge successes when it came to the GTA series, and it was mainly because of how Carl Johnson and Niko Bellic became very popular with the community. There are chances of GTA 6 going with a single protagonist to encapsulate that feeling again.

The simplicity of having one character and playing the game as though players are living their life adds a personal touch to the game. They get more attached to the character they are playing and make decisions as if they were the character themselves.

Benefits of multiple protagonists


The idea of using multiple characters in GTA 6 can be inspired by the success of GTA 5. Having different characters in the game makes the game more diverse in its storyline.

With rumors of GTA 6 having a female protagonist, it would be interesting to see the title have switchable characters. Gamers will get to enjoy a storyline with a male and a female character.

Having multiple characters gives different perspectives to the story, adding more content to the game.

The verdict

Using multiple characters will make GTA 6 more fun, considering the rumors of having a female character. Hopefully, it provides different mechanics, considering the female character, along with a strong storyline.

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