The 5 most expensive weapons in GTA Online

Image via gta.fandom
Image via gta.fandom

There are all kinds of weapons in GTA Online. While some barely cost anything, others are priced insanely high.

For an expert player with a lot of in-game cash to spare, investing in an expensive weapon wouldn't be a problem. But that doesn't mean overpaying for the sake of an expensive weapon is a worthy investment.

This article discusses some of the best and most expensive GTA Online weapons.

5 Most Expensive Weapons in GTA Online

#5 The Combat Shotgun

Image via gtabase
Image via gtabase

The Combat Shotgun is a powerful weapon. But the player has to get past The Cayo Peirco Heist Finale to unlock it.

This semi-automatic shotgun is based on the Franchi SPAS-12 and lives up to its reputation as accurate and damaging.

The Combat Shotgun can fire 10 pellets in a spread and sports a multiplier of 1.5x.

It is available at Ammu-Nation for $295,000.

#4 Military Rifle

Image via gtabase
Image via gtabase

The Military Rifle is an assault weapon with a reputation for shredding the enemy to unrecognizable pieces.

This weapon has an impressive ammunition capacity of 30 rounds and somewhat resembles the Steyr AUG A3.

However, compared to other flagship rifles, this military rifle is less accurate and has a relatively high recoil.

This weapon can be bought from GTA Online Ammu-Nation at the handsome price of $397,500.

#3 Up-n-Atomizer

Image via gta fandom
Image via gta fandom

The Up-n-Atomizer, also known as Raygun, is an innovative handgun with an unlimited ammunition capacity.

Clad in blue and yellow armour, this fancy handgun deems bullets beneath its standards. When the trigger is pulled, a glowing coil blasts from the barrel of the gun before exploding in a blue blast of destruction.

The only drawback of the weapon is that it may slow down the user because it takes more than one shot to kill the enemy.

This Raygun can be bought from the elite GTA Online Ammu-Nation for $399,000.

#2 The Unholy Hellbringer

Image via gta fandom
Image via gta fandom

The name of this weapon alone is enough to send the enemy running for the hills. With its ammunition capacity of 9999 rounds, the Unholy Hellbringer's power nearly equals an army of soldiers.

As far as performance, accuracy rate, and damage capability is considered, the Unholy Bringer is rather reminiscent of the Combat Mg. But unlike the Combat Mg, this plasma rifle does not have any options for additional attachments.

The Unholy Hellbringer costs $449,000 and can be bought from GTA Online Ammu-Nation.

#1The Widowmaker:

Image via gta fandom
Image via gta fandom

This plasma machine gun is perhaps the most expensive weapon in all of GTA Online. As the name suggests, The Widowmaker is designed for complete destruction.

With an astounding ammunition capacity of 595-9999, this mighty weapon is the dream of every player. Not only is The Widowmaker capable of shooting multiple enemies at the same time, but is also quite efficient in taking down helicopters and causing serious damage to other vehicles.

The only disadvantage of this weapon is that it slows down the user because of its bulky frame.

The widowmaker costs a whopping $449,000 and can be acquired from GTA Online Ammu-Nation.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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