Top 3 reasons why players need the Savage Military Helicopter in GTA Online

Image via Bonedawg, Youtube
Image via Bonedawg, Youtube

Paying through the nose for an expensive helicopter in GTA Online is always a blast. After all, dreams have to see the light of the day, even if it's just in a video game.

The Savage Military helicopter, as the brutal name suggests, is a chaotic piece of art developed for utter destruction. Exactly what GTA Online was made for.

There are quite a few helicopters in GTA Online to choose from. Some boast a classy build, others have a lightweight frame that is easy to maneuver for a novice player. Then there are the likes of the the Savage Helicopter, boasting the wrath of the Greek Gods, they are strong enough to wreck the world and end the enemy in an instant.

This article talks about why the Savage Helicopter is a must-have in GTA Online.

3 reasons why the Savage Helicopter is the ultimate game-changer in GTA Online.

#3 - A must-have for the 1.21 Heists DLC

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Heists allow upto four players to team up in GTA Online, purchase an arcade and plan the robbery of a jewelry shop or a multi-millionaire company. Never bad for business.

Heists feature a lot of vehicles, weapons, and storylines. The strategy to earn the big bucks without actually putting in the work is up to the player. This is where the decision to buy vehicles that are not only fast but also wired to cause havoc in the game weighs heavy on the player.

The Savage Helicopter was introduced as part of the 1.21 Heists DLC update on March 10, 2015.

The Savage Helicopter has proved to be a loyal friend to gamers in many heists time and again, owing to the fact that it is a military helicopter and manufactured for this very purpose.

#2 - Performance

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The Savage Helicopter showcases unparalleled performance in GTA Online.It shares the top speed of the infamous Buzzard and tends to climb instinctively at full-throttle.

The Savage, befitting its name, is an absolute pro at destroying targeted enemies; given the player is flying the helicopter at a lower airspeed. The Savage is also equipped with a rapid-fire explosive cannon, which is similar to the P 996 Laze and the popular Hydra in GTA Online.

When it comes to firing missiles, the Savage promises pure destruction. Unlike the Buzzer, the Savage does not require constant reloads, which can be rather frustrating at times.

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# 1 - Armour

The Savage Helicopter in GTA Online is equipped with a durable armor updated after the smuggler's run update.

Though multiple explosive hits can seriously jeopardize the Helicopter's performance, it can survive through one explosive attack, which should give the player enough time to steer out of trouble.

The Savage can also take over eight bullets from the deadly heavy sniper without exploding into a ball of fire.

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