5 most beloved weapons in the entire GTA series

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Image via Latin Times
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The GTA franchise has carved itself a place in the industry on the back of sheer, unabashed dedication to a vision and excellent craftsmanship in design. One of the key elements of action-adventure open-world games like the GTA franchise has always been the insane variety of weapons.

Rockstar's brilliant and varied creative design choices are reflected in the number of weapons afforded to the player. Each weapon has its own quirks, feel, features, and its fair share of upsides and downsides.

A decent variety of weapons in the game also adds in a huge way to the complexity of the game design. This enables players to make specific choices when it comes to weapons for each different kind of mission, increasing player agency.

The GTA franchise has been able to provide players with a large number of weapons over the years, and some players have loved more so than others.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 much-loved weapons in the entire GTA series

#5 - Chainsaw - GTA Vice City


Scarface is referenced all over in GTA Vice City in multiple ways, but perhaps the most obvious is the inclusion of the chainsaw as a pretty prominent weapon. It also includes an Easter Egg in a hotel room on Ocean Drive, which is a reference to the infamous chainsaw scene in the bathroom in Scarface.

The chainsaw was front and center during the mission "Treacherous Swine" as Tommy chased down a man in the street with a Chainsaw. Very Harwood Butcher. The chainsaw became one of the favorite and gruesome ways to dispatch enemies in the game and a true fan favorite.

#4 - Dual Pistols - GTA San Andreas


The ability to dual-wield weapons in GTA San Andreas was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the fanbase. From Micro SMGs to Silenced Pistols, CJ can dual-wield small handguns and look incredibly cool while doing it.

While CJ could dual-wield much more powerful weapons, nothing beats the classic look of the akimbo handguns. The classic pistol-look still remains the players' go-to weapon of choice, and understandably so.

It might not be as effective as dual SMGs, but it certainly is much cooler than any other weapon in the game.

#3 - Special Carbine - GTA 5/Online


Grand Theft Auto Online players swear by the Special Carbine as the most dependable and balanced weapon in the game. A favorite of both newcomers and veterans, the Special Carbine is the most quintessential weapon of the series.

Assault Rifles are commonplace in the franchise, but none have been able to perform as reliably as the Special Carbine. The gun is equally as useful in Online as it is in Story Mode.

The Special Carbine will forever be a deeply beloved weapon by the fanbase, and it isn't difficult to see why.

#2 - Heavy Sniper MKII - GTA Online


There are powerful weapons, and then there is the Heavy Sniper MKII. This absolute wrecking machine can be fitted with explosive rounds, which can not only obliterate enemies on foot but also put a hole in helicopters, cars, and jets.

The Heavy Sniper MKII is nothing to mess with as it keeps enemy players and vehicles at bay. The only thing standing between the player and a griefer is usually a Heavy Sniper MKII. And as the sole guardian of GTA Online, it is highly revered in the community.

#1 - Minigun - Multiple games


Just the sound of the minigun spinning is liable to give many GTA players goosebumps and a sense of nostalgia for older games in the series. The Minigun has been a mainstay of the franchise since the PS2 era, and it is quite easy to see why the gun is so beloved.

The Minigun is an absolute force of nature, not discriminating between enemy players on foot or in vehicles. Without mercy, it cuts down just about everything that comes in its path, which is the kind of unadulterated wanton violence that GTA fans are looking for.

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