Top 5 most boring missions in GTA Online

(Image via Rockstar Newswire)
(Image via Rockstar Newswire)

It is hard for every mission in GTA Online to be a home run when it comes to challenges, stories, and fun. However, when missions grind to a complete halt by the way that they suck the joy out of the game, they become a major issue and a glaring flaw in an otherwise great game.

GTA Online has plenty of tedious missions by design, and even though they are an integral part of the game, they cannot be a lot of fun to play through.

There are some missions in GTA Online that lack challenges, any interesting objectives, or activities within the mission. These missions in GTA Online commit the cardinal sin of being absolutely tedious, and it is hard to justify their existence.

Top 5 most boring missions in GTA Online

1) Yung Ancestor's prep mission for Diamond Casino Heist


The only saving grace for Yung Ancestor's prep mission for the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online is the fact that it's optional. Even the most die-hard fans of the game will find it hard to justify this mission's existence.

While it is obvious that the mission is meant to be a practical joke on the player and the GTA Online protagonist, it doesn't change the fact that it is boring as heck.

The mission essentially involves the player driving from one point to another to get rid of Yung Ancestor's car. The thing is, as soon as the player is about to reach one destination, they get a call from YA asking them to take the car somewhere else.

This makes the mission extremely frustrating, and because there is no challenge, such as police or other enemies, it makes it that much more boring.

2) Dock to Stock


This is a great example of missions being great on paper, but not in reality. Even though the mission involves theft, helicopters, and police, it can still be pretty boring and tedious to get through it.

The mission involves the player stealing a Cargobob and then trying their level best to evade the police. The problem is, the Cargobob is as nimble and quick as the fastest turtle on earth and can barely hold its own against the police's choppers.

Evading the police becomes a major task that players perhaps did not expect, and it doesn't feel like a challenge as much as it does a chore.

3) Pacific Standard - Convoy


There seems to be a recurring pattern with Heist setups in GTA Online, so nearly all of them seem extremely tedious. While they are certainly meant to be that way, making the actual heist more interesting doesn't make them any less boring.

The Pacific Standard - Convoy setup mission has a special place reserved in hell for just how excruciatingly boring and absolutely horrid it can be when trying to do it with randoms. The mission is pretty challenging, for a start, but then boils down to just being frustrating more than anything.

The mission involves stealing a truck from Merryweather after ambushing them. If that sounds like a ton of challenge, it is because it is, but the problem is, it is also tedious - which doesn't make for a great combination in GTA Online.

4) MC Sell Missions


This only applies should the player own an operation in the rural part of San Andreas and select a sell mission in the city. As a result of those poor choices, players must travel all that way to deliver goods at a slightly higher rate than usual.

Selling in the city from the rural section is an absolute bore since there is not much that players have in the way of challenge. They are ruthless should the player not have a Buzzard or aerial assistance while doing the missions in GTA Online.

5) Dixon - Nightclub


Much like every other Resident DJ mission for the Nightclub, Dixon's is pretty consistent with the rest of them, in an absolutely boring way. The mission involves chasing down a thief with Dixon's bag and recovering it for him and then promptly taking him to the Nightclub.

The mission doesn't have much in it anyway, but once players play through it, they will realize just how much of a slog it feels like in GTA Online.

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