Top 5 most confusing plot holes in GTA 5

(Image via Rockstar Games)
(Image via Rockstar Games)

Plot holes are almost unavoidable in any game, movie or TV series that has a long, drawn-out narrative like GTA .

While the GTA franchise has done a decent job of avoiding plot holes, it doesn't always have the most air-tight script. For instance, GTA 5 is easily the most ambitious story by Rockstar Games, as the game has three protagonists. However, this concept opened the door for plot holes to emerge almost instantaneously.

Here's a look at some of the most confusing plot holes in GTA 5.

What are the biggest plot holes in GTA 5?

#5 Dave never tells Michael about Trevor


During the mission "By the Book," Dave tells Michael that Trevor thinks Brad is still alive. Dave was able to gather this information because he had assigned an intern to respond to Trevor's letter as Brad from prison.

However, Dave doesn't tell Michael that Trevor survived through the years. If Michael had known that Trevor was alive, he would have made more of an effort to keep his existence in Los Santos a secret.

However, in order for the plot to progress in GTA 5, Trevor needs to come to Los Santos.

#4 Brad did not need to be in Michael's grave


During what are perhaps the most exciting bits of GTA 5 - Trevor becomes suspicious of how Michael ended up alive in Los Santos after a failed job in Ludendorf. In order to confirm that suspicion and bury Michael once and for all - he flies back to North Yankton in a bid to discover the truth about Michael and Brad.

The focal point of that revelation is Trevor digging up Michael's grave - which is occupied by the decaying body of Brad, thus confirming Trevor's suspicion that Michael cut a deal with the Feds and essentially got Brad killed.

However, it stands to reason that Trevor might have given Michael the benefit of the doubt if Brad's body wasn't in Michael's grave. Except for being a clear indication of Michael's guilt - there is no reason why Brad needed to have been buried in Michael's grave.

3) Merryweather doesn't hunt down Trevor and the trio


After the trio pulls off the Merryweather Heist, Lester arrives on the scene to essentially rain on the parade. After stealing what could be a massive WMD - the trio were instructed by Lester to put it back where they found it - and both Merryweather and the Government will forgive this transgression.

This feels wrong on so many levels. Since neither the Feds nor Merryweather seem like the benevolent, forgiving type. While Merryweather does roll up on the trio towards the end of the game, they do seem to let go of the trio after the heist.

It feels somewhat off that a ruthless mercenary group that has committed war crimes all over the globe will be so polite after being robbed.

2) Lester doesn't mention the GTA Online protagonist


GTA Online was initially meant to be a prelude to the events of GTA 5's Story Mode - but has since moved forward in the timeline. Yet when Lester is approached by Michael to put together a new heist and crew, he seems to have forgotten all about the GTA Online protagonist.

While Rockstar hasn't officially confirmed the events of Online as canon - there are several story moments in the game that confirm it as being such. So Lester's temporary memory loss seems more than anything else, like just plot convenience.

1) Deathwish is the only ending that makes sense


Deathwish has been confirmed as the canonical ending, given the fate of the characters in the future in GTA Online and references to the events of Story Mode. However, if the player, for some bizarre reason elects to either kill Michael or Trevor, neither ending seems to make much sense.

Kill Trevor

After Westin instructs Franklin to Kill Michael, if the player happens to kill Trevor instead - that would put Franklin right in Westin's crosshairs. Since he has no business with Trevor, Franklin downright disobeys his orders.

Plus, after being instructed to kill Michael, Franklin has no reason to go after Trevor instead in GTA 5.

Kill Michael

This option is just as bizarre as the other since it laughs in the face of Franklin's character's motivation and personality. After being a somewhat father-figure to Franklin for most of GTA 5 - and Franklin displaying loyalty to him - it makes little sense for Franklin to turn on Michael.

Perhaps one could argue that Franklin just picks Westin over Michael since he seems to have all the power and wealth. But given that the crew just scored one of the biggest heists ever in the history of crime - neither of them really needed the money.

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