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Top 5 easiest stunt jumps in GTA Online

Five stunt jumps that can net players a lot of money this week as part of Rockstar
Five stunt jumps that can net players a lot of money this week as part of Rockstar's "Stunt Week" (Image via Rockstar Games)
Danyal Arabi
Modified 05 Apr 2021

New in GTA Online, "Stunt Week" is Rockstar Game's event to celebrate its daredevils. For one week, players who complete any five stunt jumps will get a GTA$500,000 infusion in their bank accounts by April 14th.

For those who want the quickest and easiest ways to earn this 500k pot, here are five of the easiest stunt jumps in GTA Online, complete with tips, preferred vehicles, and video walkthroughs.

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Five easiest stunt jumps in GTA Online

#5 - Vespucci Boulevard

(Timestamp 16:00)

For this jump, players are recommended to use a Bati 801 as cars can go off-center and land awkwardly. They must use the ramp at Vespucci Boulevard at moderately low speed to land safely and complete this stunt jump.


#4 - Little Seoul

(Timestamp 15:23)

Near the Vespucci Boulevard jump, gamers can complete the Little Seoul jump just a few steps away. Again, they need to simply approach the ramp at a moderate speed and land on two wheels to complete the stunt jump.

#3 - La Puerta Freeway

(Timestamp 14:35)

Another simple and straightforward jump, players need to approach the ramp on the edge of La Puerta freeway at a low speed and land on two wheels to complete the jump.


They can recruit their friends to halt or divert traffic as running into cars on landing is fairly common at this spot.

#2 - Pillbox Hill

(Timestamp 18:24)

On the overhead roadway going towards Legion Square, players must simply cruise through the missing wall in front and land the jump. The only thing that they need to be cautious about is the crossing traffic before the jump, as these oncoming vehicles can ruin the approach.

#1 - Pillbox Hill near Simeon's showroom

(Timestamp 11:40)


The final jump is arguably the easiest of the bunch. Near Simeon's showroom is a parking lot with a smooth ramp on the top floor. The criteria for success is pretty simple for this jump, as even clearing short distances counts as a win, so players can approach the jump at quite a slow speed if needed.

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Published 05 Apr 2021, 15:23 IST
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