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Top 5 most expensive properties in GTA Online as of February 2021

Properties are a good way to earn income in GTA Online (Image via GTAforums)
Properties are a good way to earn income in GTA Online (Image via GTAforums)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 21 Feb 2021

While it is extremely fun and viable to slog in GTA Online's numerous game modes, like deathmatches and the like, the real money is always in property. The name of the game in GTA Online is building one's own criminal empire, which is only possible by buying up lucrative properties.

Some properties, like the Hangar and Clubhouse, allow players to make income through their businesses. Having a business is key to success in GTA Online as they open up options for players to purchase powerful weaponry and, more importantly, expensive vehicles.

Many factors influence the price of a property, such as location, features, and accessibility. Here's a look at the most expensive properties to buy in the game.

Five most expensive properties in GTA Online

Note: Yachts not included

#5 - Executive Office: Lombank West Office and Garage, $3,100,000

Nothing quite screams excess like a 20-vehicle garage, and that is precisely what this property gets the player in GTA Online. The Executive Office opens up CEO work for gamers, an excellent source of income for them.


On top of that, an Office allows players to access Cargo missions and act as a great nerve center for their operations.

#4 - Hangar: Fort Zancudo Hangar, $3,250,000

Perhaps this particular property justifies its price tag more than any other in the game as it gives players a free pass to flying over Fort Zancudo. Buying a Hangar allows players to run an aircraft-based smuggling business, an unbelievably profitable business in GTA Online.

This is easily one of the most valuable properties in the game, given the flying privileges it offers over Fort Zancudo.

#3 - Warehouse: Cypress Warehouse, $3,265,000


The Cypress Warehouse is a decent one to own but is far from the game's best warehouse. Players can find cheaper and better alternatives with better functionality and accessibility.

Therefore, they can pass on this particular warehouse and buy a much better one in its stead.

#2 - Warehouse: Darnell Bros Warehouse, $3,500,000

Most of the value of this particular warehouse is derived from the fact that it was previously owned by Lester Crest in the story mode of GTA 5. Purely for that fact alone, players will be willing to part with a large sum of money and get themselves a relatively okay property.

Darnel Bros Warehouse isn't exactly the most economical of purchases but is far from the most awkwardly-positioned one in the game. Yet, if players have the money to throw around, it's a decent enough buy.

#1 - Executive Office: Maze Bank Tower Office and Garage, $4,000,000


One of the biggest reasons why this property became the most popular one in GTA Online in 2020 was that it was being used as an instrument to exploit the Garage/Office Glitch to generate massive income.

Apart from the yachts, this is the most expensive property in the game. It is also arguably in the most prime location out of all Offices available in the game.

Published 21 Feb 2021, 15:17 IST
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