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5 fastest cars added to GTA Online in 2020

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 31 Dec 2020, 13:07 IST
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One of the biggest reasons why players tune into GTA Online week in and week out is the fact that the game always manages to keep things interesting throughout. One of the ways that it accomplishes this is through title updates that add a substantial amount of content to GTA Online ever so often.

Each new title update typically brings a set of new collectibles, maybe even missions, and more importantly, vehicles.

Specifically, cars have been the collective fascination of the GTA Online community, and the players are pretty satisfied with the range of cars on offer.

While there is already an enormous amount of cars in the game, everybody would love a few more. To that end, there have been several added to the game as part of the two title updates this year and some that were part of the drip-feed from last year that dropped in January 2020.

Here we take a look at the fastest ones added to GTA Online in 2020.

GTA Online: Top 5 speedy cars in 2020

Note: The rankings are based on the Top Speed stat via GTAbase/Broughy. Since the Itali RSX does not yet have an official stat gathered from the game, it will not be included on the list. If it were, it would probably rank somewhere close to the top.

#5 - Gauntlet Classic Custom


Top Speed: 125.50 mph (201.97 km/h)

The Gauntlet has gone through all sorts of changes and iterations and has evolved way past its original form from way back during the launch of the game. The Gauntlet Classic Custom can be bought from Benny's and is a supremely good-looking Muscle car.

However, that is not where the good things end for it as it is also quite a beastly machine under the hood and can hit its Top Speed quite quickly. Admittedly, it doesn't have the best of Handling that is expected from Muscle cars in not only GTA Online but also any racing game.

#4 - Lampadati Tigon

Top Speed: 125.75 mph (202.37 km/h)

Added to the game as part of the Los Santos Summer Special, the Tigon was one of the most exciting aspects of the title update. The Lampadati Tigon is an especially good-looking vehicle. If based purely on looks, it would rank all the way close to the top.

This supercar will cost the player a lot of money, but it lives up to its price tag with some decent performance to boot. While not the fastest car ever in GTA Online, the Tigon is a proper enough vehicle to own, given how it looks every bit as expensive as it is.

#3 - Albany V-STR


Top Speed: 126.25 mph (203.18 km/h)

Technically a part of the Diamond Casino Heist update, the V-STR wouldn't arrive in the game until January 2020. The vehicle might not look as speedy as it actually is and can be surprisingly nimble and one of the best in its class.

The Albany V-STR might not be the best choice for an impromptu race in GTA Online, but it packs enough of a punch to be a credible addition to the player's garage.

The car will cost the player a full million, but it more than manages to justify its price tag through its decent performance.

#2 - Invetero Coquette D10

Top Speed: 130.00 mph (209.21 km/h)

Right off the bat, when players first got to see the Coquette D10, they immediately figured it was going to be one of the fastest cars in GTA Online. They were proven right as it ranks highly among the non-boosted fast cars in the game.

The design of the Coquette D10 makes it instantly eye-catching, which is what seals the deal for a lot of players. However, there is more to this car under the hood as it can deliver some truly great Top Speeds when going off on straights.


The car can also corner quite well, which is to say it doesn't skid right off the track at the slightest turn, which is always a plus in GTA Online.

#1 - Pegassi Toreador

Top Speed: 135.25 mph (217.66 km/h)

When it comes to multipurpose vehicles that can transform themselves accordingly to the player's needs, the Stromberg has reigned supreme for the longest time. Now, it seems like the Toreador is here to replace the incumbent as one of the best on-road cars that is also a submersible.

The car can hit great high speeds with the help of its boost, which also makes it the perfect counter to the Oppressor MKII.

The car's case for being one of the coolest in GTA Online is also helped by the amount of weaponry it can fit. With two mounted machine guns and a missile/torpedo launcher, the Toreador is one mean machine.

Published 31 Dec 2020, 13:07 IST
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