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Top 5 fastest JDM cars in GTA Online

Image via GTA wiki Fandom
Image via GTA wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 15:28 IST
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GTA Online players share a collective obsession with JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars in the game. Essentially, these vehicles represent the very best cars one can have in terms of handling and, obviously, looks.

There are many GTA Online players who would trade their most expensive American muscle or European luxury in a heartbeat for a classic JDM car. These cars are perfect for customization and can be a great addition to players' Garages.

There are plenty of JDM car showcases that take place in GTA Online, hosted by JDM car fanatics, where each player shows off their creative customization.

However, if one is looking for pure speed in GTA Online, they need not look any further than the five cars on this list.

5 best speedy JDM cars in GTA Online

Note: Only the Top Speed stat will be taken into consideration for the list. (source gtabase/Broughy)

#5 - Sultan RS


Top Speed: 117.25 mph (188.70 km/h)

Price: $795,000

The Sultan RS can be obtained by upgrading the base Sultan in Benny's Original Motor Works to its custom variant. While it will cost the players a decent chunk of change, the performance this beast can pack will make it worth it.

In addition to being a very pretty vehicle, the Sultan RS is also extremely quick and nimble, making it the perfect car that delivers in the looks department as well as performance.

#4 - Banshee

Top Speed: 117.75 mph (189.50 km/h)

Price: $105,000

The Banshee might take a lot of its inspiration from the American muscle icon Dodge Viper. It can be modified to look very much like a JDM car. The Banshee is one of the cheapest vehicles on this list, yet it can go toe-to-toe with the very best in GTA Online in terms of performance.

The car handles like a dream and is extremely quick through corners, making it the perfect car for tighter circuits in GTA Online.

#3 - Elegy RH8


Top Speed: 118.50 mph (190.71 km/h)

Price: $95,000

The Elegy RH8 in GTA Online takes a lot of inspiration from the Nissan GTR R35 and is quite the package. The car is deceptive in the way that its low price tag betrays the kind of performance this car packs under the hood.

The Elegy is worth only $95,000, practically making it a steal as it can outperform many other vehicles priced higher than it in its class. The Elegy is very efficient in maintaining high speeds through corners.

#2 - Ruiner

Top Speed: 118.75 mph (191.11 km/h)

Price: $10,000

If players thought the Elegy was a steal, then then the Ruiner will probably have them reconsider their choices in GTA Online. Coming in at a measly 10 grand, the Ruiner is the absolute king of budget cars in the game.

While in its original form, the car resembles an American muscle car. It can be modified to look every bit as JDM players desire. While it admittedly doesn't possess the kind of handling typical of the JDM class, it makes up for it in spades with its acceleration.

#1 - Jester Classic

Top Speed: 119.75 mph (192.72 km/h)


Price: $790,000

Certainly not one to be playing around in the budget section, the Jester Classic can cost players quite a bit of money, but it is the fastest JDM car one can buy. The car packs some serious performance under the hood, and its slightly steep price tag is reflective of that.

GTA Online players love a deceptively fast car, and the Jester Classic is exactly that, as it doesn't appear too fast or even too expensive at first glance. But soon after the five seconds of a race, players will soon realize the Jester is nothing to be messed with.

Published 23 Dec 2020, 15:23 IST
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