Top 5 foolish decisions made by GTA protagonists in the series

(Image via u/thesaucypenguin, Reddit)
(Image via u/thesaucypenguin, Reddit)
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The GTA franchise is chock-full of protagonists that have endured the test of time and remained fan-favourites. Regardless of how the player might have felt about the rest of the cast in a GTA game, the protagonist has always been a consistently interesting and compelling character throughout.

A game's protagonist is one of its most crucial aspects. If a player cannot relate to the protagonist or attach themselves to the storyline, it can create a disconnect between the player and the game. The GTA franchise has consistently delivered solid protagonists, but not all have connected with the player.

Sometimes, characters can make weird decisions that don't make much sense. The player can't help but let out a sigh of disappointment.

This article details five times GTA protagonists made decisions that fans weren't happy about.

Top 5 most foolish decisions made by GTA protagonists in the series

5) Michael hides the truth from Trevor


In the opening sequence of GTA 5, the player watches as the trio of Michael, Trevor, and Brad take on a score in Ludendorff. The job goes horribly wrong with the town's police force descending on the three as they attempt to escape.

Brad is shot in the escape, and so is Michael, but Trevor manages to escape. It becomes known later that Michael made a deal with the agent to escape from the town and lead a new life in Los Santos with his family.

Thus, Michael Townley was declared dead, and Brad's body was buried in his place. To avoid any sticky situations down the line, Brad's body didn't need to be there in the first place because Trevor manages to dig it up and get proof of Mike's treachery.

However, a rare dialogue in GTA 5 shows that Trevor was not a fan of Brad either. He probably would have understood if Michael told him the truth of the events that occurred.

This decision could have saved him and Trevor a lot of trouble, and possibly not have damaged their already dysfunctional relationship.

4) Tommy fails to see Lance's betrayal


For the most part, Tommy Vercetti comes off as one of the smartest GTA protagonists in the series. Throughout GTA Vice City, he showcases a level of criminal brilliance unmatched throughout the series.

With swift and brutal precision, Tommy manages to eliminate his competition and take control of Vice City. The player is made aware of Sonny's inevitable betrayal at the very start of the game, in the first cutscene, but someone as smart as Tommy already figured it out too.

However, there is one betrayal he does not see coming - Lance. After completely ignoring him and treat him less than himself, Tommy is still blindsided with the fact that Lance betrayed him.

Lance is still one of the coolest characters in GTA Vice City. If nothing else, Tommy should have probably treated him better. Or had the foresight to know who exactly might betray him down the line. After all, all drug lords must have a healthy amount of paranoia about their operation.

3) CJ continues not to see the bigger picture throughout the game


GTA San Andreas is an amazing game, and a huge part of it is the loveable Carl "CJ" Johnson and is effortless charm and sharp wit. However, the character rarely ever sees the bigger picture.

Throughout the campaign, he is used by different people to further their own agendas. All CJ can do is be angry afterwards. Whether he is being roped into a government conspiracy or is being used as a pawn for the Ballas, CJ never seems to grasp the situation.

While this isn't one singular decision, CJ's habit of trusting just about anyone proves to be his biggest flaw. One too many characters blindside CJ through the game, which raises questions about the character's personality.

2) Franklin gets played by Devin Weston


Franklin Clinton decides to move up in the world and join forces with Michael to make good money finally. For a while, that seems to have been the case as his newest mentor leads him to riches off of Heists in the events of GTA 5.

However, soon after, he is put in touch with Devin Weston, an eccentric billionaire who tasks Franklin with stealing a bunch of specific cars. The missions are fun, and the cars are enjoyable to drive, but Franklin doesn't get paid at the end. That irks fans.

Franklin essentially is told that he won't be getting paid upfront for the job, which should have set off red flags. However, Franklin goes through with the job, putting himself on the line and the rest of the crew for no pay whatsoever.

GTA 5 has a handful of moments where characters are left hanging like this, but this one stings more than the others.

1) Michael drops his catchphrase during the Heist

"You forget a thousand things every day, make sure this is one of them."

While it is undoubtedly a very cool line, if only Michael could have kept his ego in check during the Jewel Store Heist in GTA 5, he could have avoided a massive storm of troubles.

Michael likes to drop this catchphrase of his bid to come off as intimidating and maybe a bit cool. However, on the off-chance Trevor was alive, he would have easily pinged it to Michael, leading Trevor straight to him.

Which is exactly what happens, and Michael's life is turned upside down. While GTA 5 wouldn't have been half as fun, purely from a character standpoint, this is one of the stupidest decisions Michael makes in the game.

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