Top 5 most fun missions in GTA 5's story mode

(Image via GTAbase)
(Image via GTAbase)
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GTA 5 has evolved way past its single-player origins and transformed into a full-fledged online experience. However, that takes nothing away from the game's fantastic story mode.

Just on the back of its single-player mode, the game makes for one of the greatest experiences that one can have on their consoles or PC. GTA 5 is a landmark achievement for Rockstar. It nails the world-building, satire, and its many characters.

GTA wouldn't be the industry juggernaut today if it weren't for its excellent story missions and fantastic writing. GTA 5 features some of the craziest storylines and action set-pieces, making it one of the best in the series.

Top 5 most fun missions in GTA 5's Story Mode

#5. - Mr. Phillips


A game needs to set the tone for what the character will bring to the table and nail the character's introduction. Rockstar did just that with Trevor's introduction, who is first seen partaking in a violent tirade in the sandy shores of Los Santos.

The mission is as chaotic and violent a force of nature as the character it's about. In 30 minutes, players will have crushed a previous protagonist's head, mow down Trevor's competitors, chase and kill several members of the Lost MC.

The entire mission feels like one long fever dream in Trevor's head, as he cuts through the enemy resistance with violent precision and rage.

#4. - Blitz Play


GTA 5 takes a lot of inspiration from heist movies, none more than 1995 action film Heat. This mission is the least subtle nod to Michael Mann's magnum opus.

Before the mission starts, players are tasked with procuring several items required for the heist such as 3 overalls and masks, adding much need customization to these heists.

During the mission, Michael's genius plan involves ramming an armoured vehicle to a halt and moving quickly to secure their prized target.

The mission quickly escalates to an all-out gunfight with the police, which is very reminiscent of the scene in Heat.

#3. - The Jewel Store Job


This mission serves as the orientation to heists in GTA 5. As Michael, the player lays out the target spot and makes important calls to the personnel required for the job.

Each decision will impact the heist's final payout and is one of the most exciting missions in GTA 5. The mission holds the player accountable for every aspect of the job.

#2. - The Bureau Raid


This mission was a subtle nod to the CIA break-in from Mission Impossible. The player can choose to exit the facility in a firetruck, similar to the classic action film.

The planning and set up for the mission seems perfect, but it doesn't take long for the actual job to go haywire. Regardless of the approach players take, they will have to fight their way through the building and make their escape.

'The Bureau Raid' is a brilliantly paced mission that keeps ramping up the tension one sequence after another.

#1. - The Big Score


The Big Score had to live up to the hype and delivers as the pinnacle of heists in GTA 5. It's the one that Michael, Lester, and Trevor had dreamed about for years. The Heist is incredibly cinematic.

The stealthy approach feels like a slick Soderbergh heist flick, while the louder parts would fit perfectly in a Michael Bay movie. The mission is extremely fun and makes the game worth replaying due to the final payoff.

Rockstar Games have always nailed their missions, and the same can be expected for their next big release.

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