Top 5 GTA San Andreas mods in January 2021

Image via Anggi Hermawan, YouTube
Image via Anggi Hermawan, YouTube
Rahul Bhushan

GTA San Andreas is an all-time classic at this point, with players still holding it up to be the definitive entry in the franchise.

The game has managed to not only stand the test of time but thrive as one of the most talked-about games of today, nearly 16 years since its release.

One of the ways GTA San Andreas has been able to survive this long is due to the fact that the modding community refuses to let it die.

The modding community for GTA games is one of the most industrious ones in gaming, and through mods, players have been able to experience the game in various ways.

Whether it is taking the experience Online with SA: MP or merging maps with GTA United, the modding community never fails to impress. Here we take a look at some of the best mods available for the game in 2021.

5 best GTA San Andreas mods in January 2021

#5 - V Graphics mod


To many, the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of them enjoying the game today is the fact that it looks every bit as the PS2 game that it is.

However, PC players can always drive down mod-town and get themselves a shiny, new mod for tweaking the graphics.

The V Graphics mod is absolutely great and overhauls almost every texture in the game to its max and makes the game look every bit as good-looking as it can.

While not pristine, the assets look a lot better than they did previously, and the animations remain as wonky as ever, but that is part of the charm.

#4 - First-Person mod


GTA 5 went a step further when it decided that the game could now be played in first-person. This made the game feel much more visceral and added a sense of realism that fans could definitely get behind.

The modding community decided that GTA San Andreas could use some of this love, which works fantastically. While obviously not as polished, this mod stacks up quite nicely against Rockstar's own first-person feature from GTA 5.

This mod helps players experience CJ's story in a wholly new way, making for an incredibly fresh experience.

#3 - Tuning mod


One of the biggest reasons why players enjoy the GTA franchise as much as they do is the sheer vast amount of cars available in the game. Not only that, but San Andreas has allowed players to customize their ride with all sorts of new toys and features.

This mod takes it a step further and allows players to fine-tune their vehicles to a great extent. Petrolheads will definitely appreciate this mod, as the ability to tune one's vehicle to a much larger extent in a GTA game is something that Rockstar should take note of.

#2 - Dragon Ball mod


A fan of anime or not, pretty much every kid who grew up during the 2000s has definitely heard of Dragon Ball and are likely big fans of it. This mod not only brings Goku to Los Santos but a bunch of other legendary Saiyyans as well, such as Vegeta and Trunks.

Help Goku get in touch with his malevolent side as you pancake enemy cars in Los Santos and send enemies flying through the air with a single punch or ki blast. The mod is unbelievably fun, and one can never have enough superpowered characters in the GTA series.

#1 - Portal Gun mod


While the Gravity gun does open up many cool gameplay opportunities, the Portal Gun takes it several steps further.

Valve's instant classic, Portal, achieved iconic status on the back of this singular weapon in the game, and it is just as much fun in other games like GTA San Andreas.

Being able to drop the entire cars through the floor and walls onto enemies and transporting oneself to different locations in the blink of an eye has never looked cooler.

The mod is super fun, and fans of Portal should waste no time downloading this right away.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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