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Top 5 rare vehicles in the GTA series

(Image via GTA wiki Fandom)
(Image via GTA wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 21 Mar 2021

Rockstar Games, for the better part of two decades, has been upping the ante when it comes to the number and variety of vehicles in open-world games through the GTA franchise. The series has not only been able to give players a solid open-world but also the means through which players can traverse said open-world.

Players will eventually grow fond of certain vehicles in the game and stick to using them for missions and other activities. Rockstar will often include certain rare vehicles in the vast expanse of the GTA open-world for players to discover.

Some of these can only be obtained during missions or at a particular time of day. Others require the player to complete a certain set of objectives.

Top 5 rare vehicles in the GTA series

#5 - Fixter- GTA 5

The Fixter is a rare sports bike that appears in GTA 5 as part of Rampage Five with Trevor. The bike isn't available in the game post that sequence, making it one of the most rare vehicles in the game.

The bike itself isn't anything special, with relatively decent performance and a frame that makes it stand out amongst the rest. Players might be able to use the vehicle using Rockstar Editor once they are done playing through Rampage Five.

#4 - Deluxo- GTA Vice City


The Deluxo is one of the most beloved cars in the GTA community and has made regular appearances in a lot of games since Vice City. The Deluxo later develops flying capabilities and has weapons in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Sunshine Autos is an import garage where players can purchase and help out by stealing and supplying a list of vehicles. Once the player has crossed off every car off the list, the Deluxo will appear parked inside Sunshine Autos.

#3 - Love Fist- GTA 5

Love Fist is a fictional band in GTA Vice City that parodies an English rock-band in the US trope. The band likes to roam about the city in style and will settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to its choice of vehicle.

The Love Fist Limo is the band's ride through Vice City and appears to be in an exhilarating, albeit hilarious, mission in the game. After a crazed fan plants a bomb on the Limo that explodes upon slowing down, Tommy Vercetti struggles to keep the car above a certain speed.

The Limo is donned in the band's signature dark red and has similarly themed interiors. The use of a cheat code can also spawn the car.

#2 - Cutter- GTA 5

The Cutter is, perhaps, the most outrageous vehicle in the GTA series, which says a lot for a series that also has the Oppressor MKII. The Cutter is a giant drill that is used in The Big Score to plow through the building's side and allows the crew to raid the Union Depository.

The HVY Cutter is one of the most rare vehicles in the game but can be reproduced by the use of the Rockstar Editor. It cannot be found parked anywhere in the game, relegating it to only be used in the Editor.


#1 - Banshee- GTA 3

Grand Theft Auto III was a seminal entry in the series and was responsible for setting the tone for years to come.

The vehicle is found parked all alone in a building, which the player can easily steal. It is, by far, one of the fastest vehicles in the game and has been a true favorite of the GTA community.

The Banshee has had new iterations later in the series, but fans will forever hold this version in high regard.

Published 21 Mar 2021, 18:32 IST
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