Top 5 most requested locations for GTA 6

(Image via PCgamesn, gamesradar)
(Image via PCgamesn, gamesradar)
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Perhaps not a single day goes by without the gaming community gushing over the prospect of GTA 6, followed by a bucket-list of things players want to see in the game. Rockstar Games' catalog is chock-full of excellent games that have transcended video games' boundaries and become cultural phenomenons.

GTA 5, to this day, still ranks highly amongst the top-selling games of today, which is absolutely mind-boggling since it has been nearly seven years since its release. A huge part of what makes the franchise extremely successful is Rockstar's dedication to excellence and the uncompromising nature of these games.

The publisher makes no concessions regarding open-world design and features, NPCs, characters, and narrative. The city and the GTA game's location play a huge role in defining the game's overall personality.

Top 5 most requested locations for GTA 6

5) London, England


The British crime genre has been one of the most pervasive genres in modern entertainment, as evidenced by Guy Ritchie's success. The GTA franchise's identity is steeped in American culture, history, and media, to the point where a game outside of the States might run the risk of not feeling like GTA.

Yet, a publisher like Rockstar's ambitions might mean that eventually, the franchise must grow in scope and take on new forms. As an open-world location, London has been explored to a certain degree in games like Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, with great success.

While there have been many English characters in the franchise, fans have always mulled over the prospect of a GTA game set in England, and specifically, London.

4) South America

(Image via Rockstar Games)
(Image via Rockstar Games)

One of the most prevailing theories that fans hold in high regard ahead of any announcement for GTA 6 is that Rockstar will finally leap outside of North America. This theory stems from a series of leaks that detailed that GTA 6 was apparently being worked on under the name "Project AMERICAS."

Because of the plurality in the name, fans immediately jumped to conclude that the next GTA title would expand beyond North America and into South America. The prevailing theory suggests that a fictional South American city, perhaps Rio, would act as a separate open-world.

The player would then have the ability to travel back and forth, which seems like a rather interesting prospect.

3) Tokyo

(Image via TechRadar)
(Image via TechRadar)

The GTA franchise, as mentioned before, is so attached to the hip with American culture and media that it is nearly impossible to fathom the series beyond that lens. Yet, fans continue to debate and gush over the prospect of a GTA game set in Asian cities like Tokyo, Japan.

The presence and the history of organized crime in the city through the Yakuza has always been a collective obsession of the entertainment industry. GTA games have also occasionally featured the odd Yakuza boss switching things up in tone and diversity.

As an open-world location, Tokyo would be quite challenging for any developer, but seeing how Rockstar seems to relish taking on impossibly difficult challenges, perhaps it is right up their alley.

2) A connected open-world of Liberty City, Los Santos, and Vice City

(Image via playcentral)
(Image via playcentral)

Perhaps technology has finally caught up to the ambitions of Rockstar Games and the dreams of fans. The GTA franchise has been able to introduce not just one but several cities that have become iconic and beloved in fans' eyes, which is an unbelievable achievement for any studio.

The ultimate dream for fans, and has been for years, is that the next GTA game will bring all previously known cities together in one giant map. While purely in terms of scale and gameplay variety, that would be absolutely massive and enjoyable, it brings many problems.

For one, the amount of detail that goes into each Rockstar Games title is absolutely mind-boggling, and to stretch that over multiple cities on this scale sounds ridiculous.

On the other hand, perhaps next-gen technology does open the door for Rockstar to deliver an open-world to end all other open-worlds finally.

1) Vice City


This neon-drenched 80s playland has been the subject of much discussion over in the GTA community, and it has generally always been positive. Still regarded as one of Rockstar's finest works in terms of open-world design, GTA Vice City is still undeniably one of the most beloved games in the franchise.

The architecture, art-style, and the sonic identity of the city had been an absolute hit with the fans and continues to be so. Fans would love nothing more than to return to the 80s and return to Vice City for the next GTA game, seeing it as the only city that hasn't been revisited in a mainline game.

With rumors strongly suggesting a return to this Miami-inspired city, fans have been pretty vocal in their complete support of the decision.

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