Top 5 tips for the Arena War mode in GTA Online

It takes a while for players to get used to the pace and chaos of the Arena War mode in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
It takes a while for players to get used to the pace and chaos of the Arena War mode in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
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GTA Online has pretty much nailed the art of balancing quality and quantity.

From Races to Deathmatches, players can try out an array of quality game modes and figure out which ones they are great at.

One of the most exciting additions to GTA Online came in the form of the Arena War update, which added a Twisted Metal-like vehicular warfare game mode to the game.

Maze Bank Arena plays host to this televised deathmatch with a ton of interesting map layouts that never fail to impress. However, it takes a while for players to get used to the pace and chaos of the Arena War mode in GTA Online.

If the player is having a few issues with the mode, here are some tips to get better at the game.

5 tips for the Arena War mode in GTA Online

#1 The Deathbike is OP


Anyone who plays GTA Online's Arena War comes away with either a new-found respect for the Deathbike or a blistering hatred for it.

The Deathbike is essentially an Arena Workshop variant of the Gargoyle and is a supremely fast bike that can outrun everything else in Arena War.

The Deathbike is extremely fast and nimble but has very little armor and protection. However, it can be upgraded to fit weaponry and armor to protect the player from the back.

The Deathbike is one of the most deadly vehicles in Arena War and is a no-brainer for players when it comes to races.

#2 Customize and invest


While any of the Arena War vehicles can be picked up at the start of the match, upgrading them will require the player to own them.

The Arena War Workshop is full of fun toys that one can fit onto their vehicle to make it the ultimate death machine. From machine gun turrets to proximity mines, GTA Online players will find all sorts of ways to obliterate their enemies.

A once-elegant piece of automobile engineering can easily become a gnarly Mad Max-like conductor of death in GTA Online.

#3 Know your loadout as a spectator


Knowing one's way around weapons as a spectator is key to winning more games in GTA Online's Arena War. In order to gain as many points from a match, communicating with one's team becomes essential.

Immobilizing an enemy with an EMP so that your teammate can hit them with a missile is the kind of play that one should be making. Communicating and planning out the attack instead of mindlessly firing off rockets and turrets should be the priority in GTA Online.

Knowing the cooldown timers on each weapon is also key, as it can eliminate the delay between attacks and keep the pressure on the enemy.

#4 Don't be afraid to play defensively


Vehicles like the Scarab are often overlooked as they are slow, lumbering beasts that do not offer a lot in terms of speed or maneuverability. However, they make for the perfect defensive machines as they can take a whole lot of beating.

In a Bomb Ball match, these giants can cover the entire length of the goal. While that is a bit annoying, it is a legitimate tactic. Players shouldn't shy away from playing defensively, especially when it helps out the team in a big way.

Playing defense might not be glorious and one might not get enough kills, but winning more games will allow players to rank up much faster in GTA Online's Arena War.

#5 Play with as many people as possible


Matchmaking can really be a drag in GTA Online, but the XP gained from a match is exponentially higher if more players are in it.

Playing with friends is a good way to ensure that there are always enough players in the session. Inviting other players to the session is also a good call as it allows everyone to rank up faster in GTA Online.

For comprehensive guides and walkthroughs, check out SK GTA Wiki

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