Toreador vs Stromberg: Which is the better car in GTA Online?

(Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
(Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
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GTA Online has gone through many changes and seen many new additions to the game over time. With each new title update, players usually experience a shift in their favourites as new weapons or vehicles might prove themselves superior to what was previously available.

Cars in GTA Online have always been a favourite of the community, and a lot of money is spent on them. Whether a player wants a car purely for its utility or looks, there is something for everyone in GTA Online.

The latest title update has introduced players to a brand new submersible and weaponized vehicle that can go toe-to-toe with the Stromberg. The new Pegassi Toreador is not only beautiful to look at, but a handy vehicle in the game. The comparisons with the Stromberg were inevitable.

Toreador vs Stromberg: Which is the better car in GTA Online?


#1. - Stromberg


Before the Toreador, the Stromberg was the pinnacle of multi-purpose utility vehicles in the game. Not only was the car a formidable force on the ground, but it was, perhaps, twice as menacing underwater.

The car is fitted with two machine guns upfront with the middle portion opening up to reveal a missile launcher and torpedoes underwater. The car comes fitted with the weaponry, making it an extremely appealing buy in GTA Online.

The car can be stored in a garage, a MOC or the new Kostaka moon pool.



The Toreador is also a submersible and is fitted with the same sort of weaponry that the Stromberg possesses. What really puts it over the Stomberg in terms of its utility is the boost.

Unlike the Stromberg, the Toreador comes with a boost, much like the 'Oppressor' in GTA Online. The car can zoom past traffic and obliterate almost anything on the ground in terms of speed.

Thus, the Toreador seems like a step above the Stromberg in terms of capabilities.


#1. - Stromberg: $3,185,350 / $2,395,000 (Trade Price)

#2. - Toreador: $3,660,000

The Toreador is slightly more pricey than the Stromberg, but it is justified as the car comes with a boost. However, the Stromberg isn't a big step down from the Toreador.

Therefore, instead of thinking of the Toreador as the Stromberg V2.0, it is closer to being a Stromberg V1.5. If players don't feel like shelling out the extra cash, the Stromberg is a decent choice.



In a straight-up, head-to-head comparison, the Toreador is a clear winner, but not by much. Therefore, there is no reason for a Stromberg owner to feel compelled to buy a Toreador.

However, if the boost is of great significance to the player, the Toreador is a no-brainer in GTA Online. The boost isn't a pointless addition to the car; it essentially makes it the perfect counter for the Oppressor MKII, which is a priceless commodity in GTA Online.

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