Turismo R vs Pariah: Which is the better car in GTA Online?

Image via GTA wiki Fandom
Image via GTA wiki Fandom
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Underneath all the gunfire, missile barrages, torpedoes, and other such forms of weaponry, GTA remains quite a bit about cars. These vehicles, and the ability to steal them, have been at the heart of the GTA experience, which the game's title also suggests.

GTA Online possibly has one of the biggest collections of cars ever seen in the history of games. Players are basically spoilt for choice at all times. If they have enough cash to throw around, they can afford the very best the game has to offer.

However, mindlessly splurging cash will only get them so far, as it is also essential to be making the right decisions regarding where to spend their money. Here's a look at two of the best cars in their respective classes to see which would be the better buy for players in GTA Online.

Turismo R and Pariah: The better car in GTA Online


The Grotti Turismo R and the Ocelot Pariah are two of the fastest cars in their respective classes: Super Car and Sports Car. The Pariah has made a case for being one of the best sports cars in GTA Online, while the former is a straightforward sell as one of the best cars in its category.

Not only are the two extremely quick, but it could also be argued that the two are among the best-looking cars in the game. Here are a few key parameters to figure out which one the player should invest their money in.

#1 - Price

Ocelot Pariah: $1,420,000

Grotti Turismo R: $500,000

The Grotti Turismo R is nearly a million shy of the Ocelot Pariah, making it an extremely appealing buy. If players are crunched for cash, then it should be a no-brainer as the car can pack quite a punch despite its deceptively low price tag.

#2 - Performance


(stats from gtabase/Broughy)

Pariah (Top Speed): 136.00 mph (218.87 km/h)

Turismo R (Top Speed): 121.75 mph (195.94 km/h)

Looking at the two cars' top speeds, it is evident that the Turismo isn't that much off-pace from the Ocelot Pariah. On a straight, the latter will likely leave most other cars in GTA Online in the dust, but not all races and situations will happen on straight, empty roads.

The Turismo has excellent handling and breaking and can quickly turn corners and maintain high speeds through them. Therefore, it is the right choice for players looking for something more agile than the Pariah.

The Pariah is undeniably quick but doesn't handle as well, which could be a deal-breaker for many players.



If players are looking for something purely built for speed and are willing to compromise on handling, then the Pariah should be right up their alley. However, the Turismo R might just be the smarter choice.

It is priced at almost a million dollars lesser than the Pariah and can perform almost just as well, with arguably better handling. The Turismo R is a fast and nimble Super Car, which should be enough reason for it to be an appealing buy for a lot of GTA Online players.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions, and what may seem better to one may not be so to another.

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