What are the advantages of having high "strength" stat in GTA Online?

Image via u/OfficialDrewie, r/gtaonline
Image via u/OfficialDrewie, r/gtaonline
Rahul Bhushan

One of the many things GTA San Andreas introduced to the franchise in 2004 was the inclusion of several RPG-like stats and allowed players to level up in each area.

Stats and attributes like strength, stamina, lung capacity, and stealth would affect gameplay, making for a more in-depth gameplay experience.

A similar mechanic would be incorporated in GTA 5 and then later in GTA Online, which made sense, as the latter was a progression-based online multiplayer game. This way, players could only throw cash around to progress in the game but also work on the protagonist and level up in key gameplay areas.

While the difference between low and high attributes isn't exactly night and day to the seasoned player, it can make a whole lot of difference. Mostly, it just feels good to know that one's character isn't simply just a run-of-the-mill grunt.

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The advantages of having high "strength" stat in GTA Online


One of the most appealing attributes in the system is "strength." It can be leveled up in various ways such as:

  1. Getting into a lot of fistfights
  2. Using melee a lot
  3. Punching and meleeing other players in the game

Players have often exploited the game's systems to level up faster in GTA Online so as to gain the benefits of high-level attributes. These are some advantages that a player gains with high "strength" in GTA Online:

1) High power and resilience

2) Faster climbing speed

3) Boost melee damage

4) Reduces damage taken

5) Increase athletic ability in sports

Thus, having a high "strength" stat essentially allows players to absorb more physical damage and be a threat with melee damage as well.

While players won't be getting into many fistfights in GTA Online, it is surely a good option to have around.

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