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What is the GTA 5 speedrun world record as of January 2021?

(Image via DarkViperAU, Youtube)
(Image via DarkViperAU, Youtube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 10 Jan 2021, 14:09 IST

Speedrunning has become one of the most popular forms of content on the internet, and GTA 5 is one of the more popular ones in the community.

Competitive speedrunning has always been a major fixture in the gaming community for years. Several speedrunners and content creators like DarkViperAU and burhac have made a name for themselves through GTA 5 runs.

A non-linear and expansive game like Grand Theft Auto 5 can take a lot of skill to rush through quickly and finish in under 10 hours.

However, not only have speedrunners been able to finish the game under six hours, but some have also managed to skip missions and finish it under four. There are many types of speedruns in GTA 5, but the classic (No Mission Skips) has been one of the most popular.

What is the GTA 5 speedrun world record as of January 2021?

The record for the Classic Speedrun (Any%) is currently held by burhac, who has been able to beat his own record multiple times. The record time currently is 5h 56m 47s, which burhac recorded four months ago.

Since a classic run does not involve mission skips, it is truly remarkable how players can complete it under six hours. On an average playthrough, GTA 5's story mode takes about 31.5 hours to complete.

Speedrunning has become an extremely entertaining form of competitive gaming. GTA 5 is certainly one of the more interesting ones to watch, purely because there are so many things that can go wrong in each run.


From pedestrians and other NPCs acting unexpectedly to hitting a deer with a vehicle only to lose valuable seconds by skidding off-road. There are hilarious compilations of speedrunners struggling to brave through GTA 5 while maintaining a good pace.

To take it one step further, speedrunners have always been known to use chaos mods to make the run even more difficult, making for top-tier content.

Published 10 Jan 2021, 14:09 IST
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