Which is the best sports car for racing in GTA Online in 2021?

(Image via u/NastyWiNN3R, r/gtaonline)
(Image via u/NastyWiNN3R, r/gtaonline)
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GTA Online might be one of the best examples of a game that refuses to get bogged down by limitations of the genre. The game is as much a shooter as it is an arcade racer, which is a testament to the fantastic driving mechanics in GTA 5.

After years of experimenting and trying out all sorts of approaches to driving physics, Rockstar Games finally perfected it in GTA 5. They might not be the most realistic driving physics, but they certainly make for an enjoyable arcade racing experience.

Races in GTA Online are a fun way to spend time in the game, but if players can perfect their racing style, they become a very reliable way to earn Cash and RP.

Sports cars are a perfect blend of blistering acceleration and top speed combined with nimble and efficient handling.

Which is the best sports car for racing in GTA Online?

The Sports class is chock-full of speedy cars that can go extremely fast on straight roads, turn accurately around a corner, and retain speed. A race typically occurs on a circuit, meaning the player needs to shave off precious milliseconds per corner to clinch the top spot.

So with so many cars to choose from, which ones really stand out as the best ones in GTA Online? The answer can be a little complex as different players respond differently to cars and how they perform.

The argument between the Pariah and the Itali RSX

For instance, the Ocelot Pariah has a slight edge over most other cars in the class when it comes to Top Speed and Acceleration. It is kneecapped due to a severely inefficient handling stat, which makes it extremely slow around corners.

While players will be able to get ahead in a straight line, they will have a hard time maintaining that lead heading into a corner, which is precisely where the Itali RSX comes in.

Again, a lot of it comes down to personal choice and habits regarding cars in GTA Online, but players will have a relatively easier time with a car like Itali RSX.

The Itali RSX (Image via GTAbase)
The Itali RSX (Image via GTAbase)

Other notable cars players should try out:

  1. Ocelot Jugular
  2. Itali GTO
  3. Comet RS
  4. Elegy Retro
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