Why players should own a cargo warehouse in GTA Online: A beginner's guide to import and export business

Image via gta fandom
Image via gta fandom

What makes GTA Online such an enthralling and unforgettable experience for gamers is the delicate folds of mundane reality encompassing the adventures and missions in the game.

One such aspect of GTA Online is the integration of business in the game. Just like in real life, the player actually has to do a lot of leg work, invest a good chunk of money, and spend a good deal of time planning business strategies and learning about the virtual market to make the business successful.

Getting the business up and running shouldn't be the player's only goal, though. A Cargo Warehouse does not come cheap, and hence, the potential return on investment should always be promising enough to fuel the player's dreams in GTA Online. After all, those compact pistols and flying cars won't pay for themselves.

This article talks about the importance of owning a Cargo Warehouse in GTA Online and how the player can maximize profit after kickstarting the business.

The importance of owning a Cargo Warehouse in GTA Online and how to maximize profit

Image via gta fandom
Image via gta fandom

Players need a Cargo Warehouse in GTA Online for three reasons:

1) To make a load of megabucks.

2) To save time (players who don't run a business often engage in client featured jobs to earn some extra bucks. They are often time-consuming and event sensitive.)

3) To have fun (yes, running a business may not be beer and skittles all the time, but it definitely is a lot of fun and makes GTA Online feel all the more real.)

While overnight success is only a myth, the player can undoubtedly make a fortune with a Cargo Warehouse in GTA Online.

To kickstart the business, however, the player will need a CEO Office. There are a bunch to choose from, each tagged at a different price. The player can purchase one from Dynasty 8 Executive.

The next step is to invest in a Cargo Warehouse. A warehouse is basically a building where the player can store crates and stolen goods.

The key to maximizing profit is to buy three crates at a time. That's the maximum number of crates the player can purchase.

A package of one crate actually costs a lot less than a package of three crates, which means the player might earn more per crate by buying a package of one crate, but the time spent on each would, in the end, not be worth it.

The idea is to make a lot of money in a short span of time, and buying three crates at a time will allow the player to maximize profit in the long run, even if the investment cost is five times more.

After adding three crates to the cart, the player will be tasked with a steal mission. The key here is to steal the product and get it to the warehouse as fast as possible without causing it much damage.

These missions can be nailed single-handedly as well as in a group. Of course, the payout will be significantly greater with a crew.

The player can own a maximum of five Cargo Warehouses at a time in GTA Online.

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