Why the remastered Definitive Edition may tarnish the legacy of the original GTA Trilogy

Why the Definitive Editions of the GTA Trilogy might tarnish the reputation that the original games created (Image via Sportskeeda)
Why the Definitive Editions of the GTA Trilogy might tarnish the reputation that the original games created (Image via Sportskeeda)
Viren Mirpuri

Many videos have surfaced online about the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. The original trilogy is truly considered a masterpiece and has been etched into the memories of gamers all over the world. Unfortunately, the consistency from the original trilogy is not visible in the Definitive Editions.

When the GTA Trilogy Defnitive Editions were released, it was almost impossible to play the games. The number of bugs made the game feel incomplete and broken. Many players have posted videos about the issues with the definitive editions of the GTA Trilogy, leading to a rapid influx of negative reviews and comments about it.

The failure of the Definitive Editions of the GTA Trilogy will need to be addressed

Players were extremely disappointed with how the remasters turned out as they were really excited to relive nostalgic memories from their childhoods. The original trilogy was made with perfection in mind and such a work ethic isn't noticeable in the Definitive Editions. The games are simply not how they were intended to be and even Rockstar Games admitted that the remasters were below their standards.

Many fans are losing hope in Rockstar Games as they seem to be going down a rabbit hole of mistakes and blunders. This can be noticed since the release of the GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced trailer where fans clearly showed how disappointed they were with the game.

It is now becoming a popular opinion that Rockstar Games aren't the innovative company they used to be and are more focused on selling old games with minor improvements and additions. Rockstar's recent practices are certainly making many fans lose trust in them. If they want to turn things around, they will need to address the issues with the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition and correct them as soon as possible with major updates.

With most of the community impatiently waiting for GTA 6, it can be safely stated that not many players even wanted the Definitive Editions. Rockstar seems to be stalling for time by releasing content for players to play while delaying the release of GTA 6. At this point, the company might just be better off working on a new title to redeem themselves instead of attempting to remaster iconic old games.

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