85/10 (16.1)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 86 runs.
Player of the match: Shivam Mavi
So that was then from our side, this is Abhinav Singh, alongside by fellow textpert Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off. Hope you had as much fun as we had bringing the live coverage to you. Do join us tomorrow here at 7:30 PM IST again, as for the first time we have two matches lined up, to be played simultaneously in IPL's 13 year long illustrious history. Until then, goodbye and goodnight! 
Eoin Morgan (KKR Captain): I don't think it could have got better. I think setting a target on this pitch was a difficult task. But the platform put in by the openers was brilliant. Shubman Gill and Iyer (Venkatesh) have been a shining light for us. Getting a score like 170 on the board was always going to be difficult for the opposition. I think, going too hard, too early here, you might come unstuck. Dinesh and Rahul in the middle order kicked us up home. Huge shoutout to all the bowlers. It certainly worked out that way. Shakib coming in and performing that way, he kind of made missing Dre Russ a bit easier, which is difficult, considering the player he is. (Dre Russ Injury update) We are taking it day by day. He has proved it last year, he had a two and a half inch hamstring tear last year. We know he recovers quickly. (On playing golf tomorrow and keeping an eye on the MI scoreboard)  I hope so, I tend not to get too attached to things. We hope that the performance we have put up is enough. We deserve to win. I suppose we are in the lap of gods!

Shivam Mavi (Player of the Match):
I feel great after bowling like this on such a big stage. The plan was to bowl on the wicket and not give a lot of room to the batters as the ball kept a little low on this surface. When I was playing u19, I came to the KKR setup. I have learnt a lot of things like bowling slower balls and yorkers and most importantly at the right moment. Shivam Dube's wicket was the most fulfilling of all. We have done everything possible we could have done. 
Lockie Ferguson (Kolkata Knight Riders): The hamstring is great now. I've got through it fine. It was just precautionary but it's come out well. It was an enjoyable wicket to bowl. I tried to hit that natural hard length as much as possible - same as Mavi. It kept low but credit must go to the batters for getting a total above par on that pitch. We saw the game against Mumbai earlier in the weekend and they stuck to plan A and looked to hit the stumps which is what we did. Just had to ice the hamstring and get some compression before doing some jogging. The medical team in the KKR team has been outstanding and they've spent a lot of time with me in particular so many thanks to them. (On Mavi) He's an impressive young bowler. He's very clear in his plans, bowls with good pace and gets some movement off the pitch. He bowled well in the last two games but didn't get the rewards so it's great to see him get the rewards today. He's a very loved member of the side as well.
Sanju Samson (Rajasthan Royals Captain): To be very honest it was a much better wicket to play on than the last game. It kept a bit low with the new ball but it got better to bat on. 171 was easily chase-able on this wicket but we didn't turn up today. We could have come up much better. We wanted to get a good start in the Powerplay. Our plans were set and we just wanted to execute them but we just couldn't do it today. If you look at the whole season we have been through a lot of challenges but I am proud of the character we showed. We won some really good matches despite losing some easy games. I thought we showed a lot of character in turning up with the right mindset - each and every one of us. But we need to do better as a team. (On losing players like Archer and Buttler) Everyone came up with really positive vibes in the dressing room and were willing to go out and win matches for the side. Being the captain has changed the way I look at the innings. I realize how the batters are batting with me and I think of what could happen if I were to get out at that stage. Thinking about the match situation at that moment helped me score runs although I wish I could have scored more and won more matches for my team.
KKR win by 86 runs

Just when KKR needed to turn up the switch and produce a blemish-free performance to assert their claim for the final playoff spot, Morgan's men have done exactly that. This reignited, rejuvenated KKR side has blown away the RR side into smithereens. Chasing 172, one would have thought that RR might come with a stiff challenge. 

But as it happened in the last game where they folded at the paltry total of 90, they once again capitulated on the sorry number of 85. And that is how Rajasthan also bow out of the tournament after SRH and PBKS said their goodbyes.

KKR have got a potent pace bowling line up and boy they cranked up some serious pace on a placid pitch as this. You have to wonder that if KKR do qualify for the playoffs, considering the outside chance Mumbai still have tomorrow, they might be serious contenders for the trophy.

They have got nearly all the bases covered and most importantly, their's is the side that has looked a class above other teams in the second half of IPL 2021 and has the momentum by their side. Brendon McCullum has infused his ideology of playing a free-spirited game and it looks like it has rubbed on the entire contingent. Took some time but KKR are now thriving under the ideology. 

Every game, new match winners are propping up. Today it was Shubman with the bat and with the ball it was the triumvirate of Lockie, Mavi and Chakravarthy that inflicted the maximum damage. While Mavi earned his best figures of the tournament, it was the sheer raw pace of Ferguson that was a sight to behold. 

While the defeat was set in stone by the end of first 10 overs, Tewatia made sure that come the next mega auctions, he might be remembered by the teams for his big-hitting prowess. He had had a sedate IPL so far but tonight he smashed a few alright, doing no harm to his brand value in the process and delaying the inevitable by a few overs. 

So that is that then, KKR sit at the fourth spot on the table with 14 points and have all but confirmed their spot in the playoff. Mumbai might need to score over 250 tomorrow and win the game by 170 runs-- seems pretty far-fetched, even by the outrageous standards of Mumbai. 
16.1 Shivam Mavi to Rahul Tewatia, OUT! CHOPPED ON! THAT IS THE MATCH! KKR needed a win and wow - haven't they won in resounding fashion! Slower delivery on a length well outside off, Tewatia reaches out to drag it across the line but he can only drag it back onto his stumps instead to hand Mavi his fourth wicket. Performances do not get any more clinical than this and the Kolkata Knight Riders have hammered the Rajasthan Royals by 86 runs! That is the tournament for the Rajasthan Royals too.

Rahul Tewatia b Mavi (44 runs, 36 balls, 5x4, 2x6)
Shivam Mavi [3-0-21-3] to bowl his final over from over the wicket

Rajasthan Royals require an improbable 87 runs in 24 balls with one wicket in hand. The game is done and dusted and only the final rites remain. Tewatia might like to stat-pad a little and get to his half century and raise his stakes in the upcoming mega auctions. Meanwhile, Morgan's men might look to wrap it up in this over itself
85 /9 score
cricket bat icon Rahul Tewatia
44 (35)
cricket bat icon Mustafizur Rahman *
0 (3)
cricket ball icon Sunil Narine
0 /30
15.6 Sunil Narine to Mustafizur Rahman, back of a length delivery well outside off, Mustafizur is happy to leave it alone as DK pockets it at decent height.
15.5 Sunil Narine to Mustafizur Rahman, SHARP TURN! Flights it into a good length in the channel outside off, Mustafizur hangs his bat out to dry with the ball ripping well past the edge to the keeper.
15.4 Sunil Narine to Mustafizur Rahman, back of a length delivery that slides quick onto the stumps, Mustafizur hangs back to stab it right into the pitch.

And that in microcosm sums up the night for Rajasthan! KKR, a wicket away from nearly securing a berth in the playoffs. Mustafizur Rahman, LHB is the last man in at no. 11
15.3 Sunil Narine to Rahul Tewatia, RUN OUT! SAKARIYA PAYS THE PRICE! Good length delivery that is flighted on off, Tewatia sits on one knee to slog it high over long leg before the sweeper from deep backward square leg swoops in and fires an accurate throw to the keeper. Tewatia wanted a non-existent second run and upon realizing it, sends his partner back who doesn't have time to make his ground despite a full-stretched dive! There's the 9th wicket down for the Royals!

Chetan Sakariya runout (Dinesh Karthik/Shakib Al Hasan) (1 run, 5 balls, 0x4, 0x6)
15.2 Sunil Narine to Rahul Tewatia, quicker delivery on a full length on the leg-stump, Tewatia lunges forward to meet the ball right under his nose.
15.1 Sunil Narine to Chetan Sakariya, OOH! Flights it into a length outside off, Sakariya pushes forward with a stride but is cut in half before a fumble from the keeper allows the batters to pinch a bye. Brings Tewatia back on strike!
Sunil Narine [3-0-29-0] to bowl his final over

Despite tottering all the way through, the RR innings has somehow carried on to the 15th over as Lockie Ferguson is unable to get any more wickets registered under his name. Tewatia is annoying the KKR side a little with his grind 
83 /8 score
cricket bat icon Rahul Tewatia *
43 (33)
cricket bat icon Chetan Sakariya
1 (4)
cricket ball icon Lockie Ferguson
3 /18
14.6 Lockie Ferguson to Rahul Tewatia, FOUR! Short of a length delivery outside off, Tewatia stands tall and crashes it hard over backward point. Gill puts in a terrific dive in the deep but alas, his feet are in contact with the ropes as he does so!
14.5 Lockie Ferguson to Rahul Tewatia, short of a good length outside off, Tewatia stands his ground and hacks it flat through mid-wicket and into the deep before haring back to his crease for the second.
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