217/5 (20)
210/10 (19.4)
RR won by 7 runs.
Player of the match: Yuzvendra Chahal
Alright, that's all she had written for us tonight. What an unforgettable contest. This has been Abhinav Singh, alongside my good friend and colleague, Sooryanarayanan Sesha. Do join us tomorrow at the same time as the IPL caravan continues to roll on with Royal Challengers Bangalore locking horns with Lucknow Supergiants in a mouth-watering contest. Until then, stay safe, stay gold! Goodbye and Goodnight!
Sanju Samson (winning captain): (On the match getting tense) Yeah, it did. That's about IPL, the quality of players and team -- it was an interesting game. It is important to stay calm when it gets tense. Our team just did that. (On slowing the game down) There are some things that are needed to be used at the right time. You need to slow down the momentum sometimes. I respect KKR. They are a solid team. Chasing second and at CCI -- anything is chaseable. I thought they were in the game. (On Jos and Yuzi) I don't think, I need to talk about them. The entire world saw them do what they did. That special ball from R Ashwin to Russell was special. Absolutely, Obed looks interesting. He doesn't talk much but gives the feeling that he is composed and knows a lot about the game

Yuzvendra Chahal (Player of the Match): 
(Laughs on the hattrick celebration)It was like a meme in 2019. I had to take wickets in that over to change the result of the match. I planned to bowl wide and mixed things up. I worked with coaches after I learned the size of the boundaries yesterday. In my mind, I knew Pat (Cummins) was thinking of Googly. So I didn't want to take any chance and just wanted to bowl a dot ball. My googly was coming out well and sent it down to Venkatesh Iyer.
Obed McCoy (Rajasthan Royals): I feel good. This is my first game since last year and my injury so I had to come and perform as best as I could. I've worked really hard in these last few months. It was just about getting over the nerves and working hard. I know my skills - I normally try to back them. Not played much cricket but I've played match scenarios in the nets. It's not easy going into the match itself and having not played cricket for a while but it's just about holding your nerves and trying to execute. (On his plan ahead of the last over) The batters were looking for power so the slower I bowl on the leg-side, that's the longer side of the ground. (On having Hetmyer in the team) It was good - he was giving me good advice. He just told me to bowl normally and keep it simple.
Shreyas Iyer (Kolkata Knight Riders Captain): I think from the start we got, we were going really well according to the run rate. Finchy took off really well and from there on we slowed up a bit. We lacked a bit over there - it happens but you've got to get going when you are chasing a big score. Unfortunately we couldn't click. (On Rana holing out - could they have done anything different?) My plan was to bat through until the end and the other batters had to take the bowlers on. It was Yuzi as well so he had to take on that matchup. He didn't quite time that well. (On Buttler's hundred) The way he maneuvers the ball and plays the field, he's a classy batter and he's shown it before as well. Kudos to him for the way he batted - we obviously wanted his wicket early and it could have been a different result. I don't think dew played a big role in this game. The ball stayed the same right from the first innings. It was a great wicket to bat on - unfortunately Brabourne hasn't been a great venue for us but hopefully we come back stronger. (On his own knock) when you chase such targets there is a lot of pressure. I really love pressure and I had to go from the first ball. I just wanted to set an example for my team. It didn't matter how much I scored and at the back of my mind I knew that whatever they score, we can also score the same.
Rajasthan Royals 217/5 beat Kolkata Knight Riders 210 by 7 runs

Shreyas Iyer: 85(51)| Aaron Finch: 58(28)| Yuzvendra Chahal: 5/40| Obed McCoy: 2/41

14th anniversary of IPL, a lifetime of memories, and just about the perfect game to celebrate this magnificent product. Rajasthan Royals clinch this absolute delirium of a game -- just by the barest of margins, riding on the beginner's luck of debutant Obed McCoy.

Folks, step back, have that sip of water and fully register the game we all have just witnessed here. The target of 218 was always going to be a steepler and it required the perfect game from KKR to get over the line.

And for the large parts of the game, KKR were well and ahead in the game -- playing that smart, calculated game. However, just when it required for them to dig deep and prize out the result, they faltered. Perhaps, it was RR that were mentally more elite than their opponents tonight. 

KKR had a horrid start as Sunil Narine was runout on the first delivery but Aaron Finch and skipper Shreyas Iyer joined forces and completely pushed RR on the backfoot. The Australian played a wild-wild-west kind of innings and departed by amassing 58 runs in only 28 deliveries.

Skipper Iyer continued the onslaught and managed to get his team closer to the finishing line. He received a reprieve on 67 and added 18 runs on it. However, just when it looked like KKR will close out the game, despite losing Iyer, a phenomenon called YUZVENDRA CHAHAL struck!

The leggie, playing his first season in RR colors bowled the 17th over and picked four wickets, and completely derailed the KKR chase. Possibly picking one of the greatest hattricks in the rich, illustrious history of this tournament. 

Umesh Yadav tried to wage a lone battle at the death and even took the game to the final over. However, RR always had the upper hand and Obed did well to close out the game and ensure that KKR were inflicted the agonizing defeat. 

If the first game of IPL is remembered as the 'Brendon McCullum' game, the 14th anniversary game will be remembered as the 'Yuzvendra Chahal' game. History has just been made, right in front of our eyes. And how fortunate we all have been to witness it. 
19.4 Obed McCoy to Umesh Yadav, OUT! OBED McCOY DOES IT FOR RR! WITH IAN BISHOP ON AIR! It was written in the stars! Jos Buttler for his hundred, Yuzvendra Chahal for his five-fer, they did not deserve to end on the wrong side of this. And McCoy ensures they don't! Another slower one on a full length on leg stump, off the back of the hand as it turns away and Umesh swings with gay abandon as he should. It's a case of 'You miss, I hit' as the death rattles behind him and KKR come agonizingly close, yet fall short. Jailbreak for the Rajasthan Royals as they beat Kolkata Knight Riders by a mere 7 runs! And breathe, folks!

Umesh Yadav b Obed McCoy (21 runs, 9 balls, 1x4, 2x6)
19.3 Obed McCoy to Varun Chakaravarthy, slower yorker that dips into leg stump, Chakaravarthy leans from his crease and jams it into the mid-wicket region before handing the strike over to Umesh.
Varun Chakaravarthy, RHB is the no. 11 on strike

And Obed McCoy does the PUSHPA! "Mai jhugeka nahi" (I won't bow down). The game takes another bewitching twist. KKR have only one wicket in the bag and require 9 runs in 4 deliveries  
19.2 Obed McCoy to Sheldon Jackson, OUT! McCOY PRIZES OUT JACKSON! It's the slower one that works at last for the West Indian - lands it on a good length well outside leg stump and gets Jackson into having a pick up around the corner. He mistimes it on the up though and spoons a straightforward catch to Prasidh at short 45. 9 down KKR and they're 9 away from a win! My, my word!

Sheldon Jackson c Prasidh Krishna b Obed McCoy (8 runs, 8 balls, 0x4, 0x6)
Just as predicted. On any other park, it may very well have been a boundary. 9 runs required in 5 balls
19.1 Obed McCoy to Sheldon Jackson, UP IN THE AIR...BUT SAFE! Slower delivery on a full length just outside leg stump, Jackson backs away and swings with all might across the line. No timing at all though as it drops safe before...wait for it...HETMYER AGAIN, cuts across from deep square leg to pick it up and keep it down to two.
The onside is the longer side of the park and RR will try to force the KKR batters to slog there 
Obed McCoy [3-0-38-0] to bowl from over the wicket. 11 runs required in 6 deliveries

And we are into the final over. Just what the grandstand finish we were promised. Both team dugouts are a bundle of nerves at the moment.  Obed McCoy, the debutant has been thrown into the deep end of the pool and he has to bail his team out. Can he be the unlikely hero of the evening or will KKR nick this one. Catch the live action on Disney+ Hotstar 
207 /8 score
cricket bat icon Sheldon Jackson
6 (6)
cricket bat icon Umesh Yadav *
21 (8)
cricket ball icon Prasidh Krishna
1 /43
18.6 Prasidh Krishna to Umesh Yadav, DOT BALL! Very full as he aims for the wide yorker, just inside the tramline though before it slants across it as Umesh reaches out in vain. KKR need 11 off the final over!
18.5 Prasidh Krishna to Sheldon Jackson, full toss outside off as he attempts the yorker, Jackson shuffles across and crashes it through the covers for a solitary run to deep extra cover. 11 required in 7 balls
18.4 Prasidh Krishna to Umesh Yadav, gets it into the blockhole wide of off this time, Umesh jams his bat out and squeezes it past the dive of point but Hetmyer (who else?) is patrolling the ropes so a single it shall be.
13 in 9 deliveries now
18.4 Prasidh Krishna to Umesh Yadav, WIDE! Slants a length delivery across the tramline, the angle takes it well past though and Umesh lets it pass.
18.3 Prasidh Krishna to Sheldon Jackson, goes wide of off again as he doesn't quite get the yorker right, Jackson reaches out and squeezes it up and over the inner ring for a single behind point.