RCB won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Yuzvendra Chahal
Well that's about it for today. If you're an RCB fan, a late night ice cream is in order. If you're an RR fan, it still is because it' cream. Thank you for joining us, hope it's been fun. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for more news and live action. On behalf of my co-commentator Soorya, this is Vasisht calling it a night. Goodnight and take care!
Yuzvendra Chahal (MoM): Two lefties were batting, Virat said if one of them get out you need to come in and bow your four. I watched Samson's and Livingstone's videos. Samson is very good through leg side so I decided to keep it outside off to him. I bowled well in the Sri Lanka series, that's where I got my momentum back.

Match figures: 4-0-18-2
Virat Kohli: We have come back strongly in two games back to back with the ball. We have dominated from strong starts by the opposition. We knew with the kind of bowling attack we have, things will open. If we hold our patience, we will draw mistakes and that's what happened. Bowled Maxi because of the two lefties up-top. Very good game for Garton, showed immense courage to come back. Through the middle overs our bowling has been brilliant, if you take 4-5 wickets through the middle it sets the game up. We are aware of the pace of this tournament, we are slowly but surely getting into the groove. All departments are coming together nicely. 
What really sealed it for the Bangalore outfit were their bowlers. Again. Clinical, clever and consistent. A statement-win by the men in red. 
The Bharat-Maxwell partnership (69 from 54) was smooth as butter. They rotated strike and punished anything remotely off target. Because of the lack of pressure created by RR, the good balls too were being dismissed. Sanju Samson chose to bowl Tewatia and Lomror through those middle-overs instead of attacking with The FIzz and Sakariya. When you're defending a low total, wickets are everything. Whether he will rue that decision is anyone's guess. What's not going to be anyone's guess is that RR will struggle to make the play-offs. Maths is their friend but not their current form with bat and ball. 
Glenn Maxwell (Royal Challengers Bangalore): I thought we played really well. To bring it back the way we did during the last 10 overs was outstanding. We were then able to take it deep with the bat. I've felt really good from the moment I've come here (to RCB). Really nice getting out to the middle. I don't think it's different to any other franchise but it's nice to have a bunch of guys doing different things. Everyone is chipping in and it's been great so far. (On the experiment with KS Bharat at 3) I wouldn't call it an experiment - he's a genuine top-class batter and the way he's going about his innings is fantastic. We've been planning to have batters to go out at different times and it is working beautifully for us.
Sanju Samson (Rajasthan Royals Captain): I think we got a really good start. The openers did really well, we could not capitalize on that though. Our middle-order needs some work. The wicket was a little two-paced. I think it has been a hard week for us and we need to put in a fight as a team. It may have been an easy target for them but we had to put in a fight and I am happy with the intent we showed with the ball. We don't have anything to lose and that comes with a lot of freedom. We can go out and express ourselves. We've seen some funny things happen in the IPL and we need to believe in ourselves.
149 was never going to make RCB sweat. But there was a 2-over period there when The Fizz snuck through Padikkal's heave and Parag produced a pure direct-hit to send Kohli back. After that, RCB played it like consummate professionals via KS Bharat and Glenn Maxwell. 
17.1 Riyan Parag to AB de Villiers, FOUR! THAT WILL BE ALL! Drifts it into a good length just outside off and AB walks across, sits on one knee to place his sweep right into the vacant spaces along square leg to seal a thumping victory for his side! This has been an annihilation of the highest order and at the end of it all, the Royal Challengers Bangalore win by 7 wickets with 17 deliveries to spare!
Million dollar baby Chris Morris has fed some here to Glenn. Magnificent Maxwell has done it for RCB. Ridiculous hitting. One needed. 
149 /3 score
cricket bat icon Glenn Maxwell *
50 (30)
cricket ball icon Chris Morris
0 /50
16.6 Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR MORE! BUTCHERED! FIFTY AGAIN FOR MAXWELL! The Big Show is having a campaign to remember alright! Overpitched just around off and he stands in his crease to whip it powerfully off the bottom hand down the ground to send it into the mid-on fence to level the scores. 
16.5 Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! STREAKY! It pretty much sums up the night for the Royals! Digs it short outside off, Maxwell swivels into a pull that flies like an arrow over the keeper's head before crossing over the fence on the bounce.
RCB need 5 from 19. Maxi to finish it with a maxi?
16.4 Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, slower delivery on a full length around off, Maxwell gets half-forward for a bottom-handed whip over mid-wicket. Livingstone's slide to his right in the deep keeps it down to two though!
16.3 Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! DOING IT EASY IS MAXWELL! Too short and slanted into the batter at the stumps, Maxwell helps himself to the easiest of pulls over backward square leg as the ball just drops short of the ropes past the fielder.
RCB need 11 runs from 21 balls.
16.2 Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, very full in length outside off, Maxwell goes after it and squirts it off the edge past the keeper's left before a slide from Sakariya to his left keeps it down to a brace.
16.1 Chris Morris to Glenn Maxwell, SIX! WHIPPAGE! Overpitched into the slot outside off, Maxwell gets forward to whip it with disdain over mid-wicket as that strong bottom hand power of his takes it soaring over the ropes!