Pro Kabaddi 2022 Auction Live: Pawan Sehrawat sold for record 2.26 CR to Tamil Thalaivas - Full list of players sold, retained & unsold in PKL Auction 9

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Amirhossein Bastami signed by Haryana Steelers for ₹65.1 lakh.


18:21 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Well, that wraps up our coverage of the Pro Kabaddi 2022 auction! It has been an absolutely pleasure bringing to you all the live updates from what has been nothing short of a riveting event over the past couple of days! Plenty of records being broken while many new ones being created as well! Stay tuned to Sportskeeda as we have a host of articles coming your way regarding the Pro Kabaddi League Auction. Until we meet again then, this is the duo of Maanas Upadhyay and Prasen Moudgal bidding you adieu! Have a great day and weekend ahead!

18:16 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Players who were picked from UNSOLD list -

Joginder Narwal (Haryana Steelers) - ₹20 lakh
Rakesh Narwal (Haryana Steelers) - ₹20 lakh
Rohit (Bengal Warriors) - ₹20 lakh
Balasaheb Jadhav (Puneri Paltan) - ₹10 lakh
Sushil Gulia (Jaipur Pink Panthers) - ₹10 lakh
Satywan (U Mumba) - ₹10 lakh
Ujjval Singh (Gujarat Giants) - ₹10 lakh
Vishwas S (Patna Pirates) - ₹10 lakh
Nehwal Sawal Desai (UP Yoddha) - ₹10 lakh
Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade (Jaipur Pink Panthers) - ₹10 lakh
Kapil (Gujarat Giants) - ₹10 lakh
Ravinder (Telugu Titans) - ₹10 lakh
Ankit (Tamil Thalaivas) - ₹10 lakh
Babu Murugasan (UP Yoddha) - ₹10 lakh
Manuj (Gujarat Giants) - ₹10 lakh
Arpit Saroha (Tamil Thalaivas) - ₹8.2 lakh
K Abhimanyu (Tamil Thalaivas) - ₹6 lakh
Harsh Mahesh Lad (Puneri Paltan) - ₹6 lakh
Sager Kumar (Patna Pirates) - ₹6 lakh
D Mahindra Prasad (Puneri Paltan) - ₹6 lakh

18:16 (IST)6 AUG 2022

D Mahindraprasad is the last player on offer and Puneri Paltan sign him for his base price of ₹6 lakhs! 

18:13 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Puneri Paltan are the only side that has seventeen players, not fulfilling the minimum requirement of having eighteen players in the squad. They are the only side who are interested in nominating a name too. The name(s) nominated by Pune should be in any minute now. 

18:10 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Ankit is signed by the Tamil Thalaivas for his base price of 10 lakhs!

18:09 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Ravinder is up next and the Telugu Titans sign him for 10 lakhs!

18:09 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Rohit will play for the Bengal Warriors as the side re-sign him for 20 lakhs!

18:08 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Manuj is on offer next up and the Gujarat Giants sign him for his base price of 10 lakhs!

18:07 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Rahul Dhanware joins the Jaipur Pink Panthers for his base price of 10 lakhs!

18:06 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Kapil is up for grabs next and the Jharkhand defender will play for the Gujarat Giants in PKL 9. 

18:05 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Satywan is signed by U Mumba for his base price of 10 lakhs!

18:04 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Rakesh Narwal will ply his trade for the Haryana Steelers, joining the side for his base price of 20 lakhs!

18:04 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Babu Murugasan goes to the U.P. Yoddha side for his base price of 10 lakhs!

18:03 (IST)6 AUG 2022

The experienced Joginder Narwal comes back into the auction and it is the Steelers who snap him up for ₹20 lakhs! 

18:01 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Sagar Kumar is signed by the Patna Pirates for his base price of 6 lakhs!

18:00 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Harsh Mahesh Lad will wear the Puneri Paltan orange in PKL 9, purchasing him for a price of 6 lakhs!

17:59 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Tamil Thalaivas sign K Abhimanyu for his base price of 6 lakhs!

17:57 (IST)6 AUG 2022

U.P. Yoddha start off the bidding for Nehal Desai and purchase the Goan all-rounder for his base price of 10 lakhs!

17:57 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Vishwas S will ply his trade for the Patna Pirates for a price of 10 lakhs!

17:56 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Gujarat Giants acquire the services of Ujjval Singh for 10 lakhs!

17:55 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Sushil Gulia is up next and the Pirates snap him up for his base price of 10 lakhs!

17:53 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Arpit Saroha is on offer next and it is the Puneri Paltan who fight it out for him against Tamil Thalaivas. Eventually, he is sold to the Tamil Thalaivas for ₹8.20 lakhs! 

17:51 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Balasaheb Shahaji Jadhav is sold to the Puneri Paltan for 10 lakhs!

17:15 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Players sold so far!

Bengal Warriors
Balaji D - ₹27.6 lakh
Shubham Shinde - ₹20.3 lakh
Sakthivel R - ₹12.2 lakh
Ashish Sangwan - ₹10 lakh
Vinod Kumar - ₹10 lakh
Parveen Satpal - ₹10 lakh
Amit Sheoran - ₹10 lakh
Surender Nada - ₹10 lakh

Bengaluru Bulls
Neeraj Narwal - ₹43 lakh
Harmanjit Singh - ₹15 lakh
Sachin Narwal - ₹10 lakh
Rahul Khatik - ₹10 lakh
Aakash - ₹10 lakh

Dabang Delhi
Ravi Kumar - ₹64.1 lakh
Amit Hooda - ₹10 lakh
Anil Kumar - ₹10 lakh
Tejas Patil - ₹6 lakh
Monu - ₹6 lakh

Gujarat Giants
Rinku Narwal - ₹40 lakh
Shankar Bhimraj Gadai - ₹33.3 lakh
Arkam Singh - 32.1 lakh
Baldev Singh - ₹21.5 lakh
Sourav Gulia - ₹10 lakh
Sandeep Kandola - ₹20 lakh
Vinod Kumar - ₹10 lakh
Sawin - ₹10 lakh
Purna Singh - ₹10 lakh
Mahendra Ganesh Rajput - ₹10 lakh [FBM]

Haryana Steelers
Sushil - ₹10 lakh
K Prapanjan - ₹10 lakh
Lovepreet Singh - ₹6 lakh

Jaipur Pink Panthers
Nitin Chandel - ₹19.7 lakh
Rahul Chaudhari - ₹10 lakh
Lucky Sharma - ₹10 lakh
Bhavani Rajput - ₹10 lakh
Navneeth - ₹10 lakh

Patna Pirates
Shivam Chaudhari - ₹15.2 lakh
Abdul Insamam S - ₹10 lakh
Anand Surendra Tomar - ₹10 lakh

Puneri Paltan
Alankar Kaluram Patil - ₹10 lakh
Rakesh Bhalle Ram - ₹10 lakh

Tamil Thalaivas
Viswanath D - ₹12.8 lakh

Telugu Titans
Ravinder Pahal - ₹23 lakh
K Hanumanthu - ₹10 lakh
Adarsh T - ₹10 lakh [FBM]
Vijay Kumar - ₹10 lakh
Aman Kadian - ₹10 lakh

UP Yoddha
Gurdeep - ₹10 lakh
Ratan K Gowda - ₹10 lakh
Gulveer Singh - ₹10 lakh

U Mumba
Kiran Laxman Nagar - ₹31 lakh
Harendra Kumar - ₹20 lakh [FBM]
Mohit - ₹10 lakh
Ankush - ₹10 lakh
Jai Bhagwan - ₹10 lakh

17:15 (IST)6 AUG 2022

A slew of Category D players go unsold and that brings an end to the auction. Time for the Unsold Players to return! 

17:04 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Lovepreet Singh makes his way to the Haryana Steelers for 6 lakhs!

17:02 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Monu is snapped up by Dabang Delhi K.C. for 6 lakhs!

17:00 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Sakthivel R goes under the hammer next and after a little bidding war between the Thalaivas and the Warriors, the latter sign him for ₹12.20 lakhs!

16:56 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Nitin Chandel is up next and a bidding war ensues between Puneri Paltan and the Tamil Thalaivas. The Patna Pirates had bid initially as well. U.P. Yoddha join in on the action and in the end, it is the Pink Panthers who snap up his services for ₹19.70 lakhs! 

16:42 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Tejas Patil is sold to Dabang Delhi K.C. for 6 lakhs!

We're onto Category D now! The final category of the auction!

16:37 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Rahul Chaudhari is sold to Jaipur Pink Panthers for his base price of 
10 lakhs!

16:37 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Manish Gulia is sold to the Haryana Steelers for 10 lakhs!

16:33 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Gulveer Singh re-joins U.P. Yoddha as his former team signs him for a price of 
10 lakhs!

16:32 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Navneet is sold to the Jaipur Pink Panthers for 
10 lakhs! 

16:30 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Anand Surendra Tomar is sold to the Patna Pirates for 
10 lakhs!

16:22 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Jai Bhagwan is snapped up by U Mumba for 
10 lakhs!

16:21 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Mahendra Ganesh Rajput is sold to the Haryana Steelers for his base price of 
10 lakhs. However, the Gujarat Giants exercise their RTM Card and retain the services of their former player. 

16:20 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Bhavani Rajput is up next and it is U.P. Yoddha and the Pink Panthers who kick-off the bidding. And he will make his way to the Pink Panthers for ₹10.40 lakhs

16:18 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Harmanjit Singh goes under the hammer next and after some bidding war between the Bulls and the Pirates, it is the former who acquires his services for ₹15 lakhs!

16:15 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Rathan K is sold to the U.P. Yoddha for his base price of ₹10 lakhs!

16:14 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Nitin Panwar is sold to the Jaipur Pink Panthers for 
10 lakhs!

16:13 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Haryana Steelers snap up the services of K Prapanjan for 
10 lakhs!

16:01 (IST)6 AUG 2022


U Mumba acquire the services of Ankush for his base price of 
10 lakhs!

16:00 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Purna Singh is sold to the Gujarat Giants for 
10 lakhs!

15:57 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Bengaluru Bulls snap up the services of Neeraj Narwal for 
43 lakhs!

15:55 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Bengaluru Bulls join in on the bidding after the bid crosses the ₹35 lakhs mark! It is between the Mumbai and the Bengaluru franchise now. 

15:50 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Neeraj Narwal is up next and a bidding war between arch-rivals U Mumba and Jaipur Pink Panthers ensues. The bid crosses the ₹25 lakhs mark! 

15:44 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Sushil is sold to the Haryana Steelers for 
10 lakhs!

15:42 (IST)6 AUG 2022

Rohit Kumar is up next but his name fails to garner any interest from the franchises. UNSOLD!

15:41 (IST)6 AUG 2022


Sawin is sold to the Gujarat Giants for
10 lakhs!
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