WPL Auction Live Updates 2023: It's a wrap! Mandhana remains the most expensive player at ₹3.4 crore

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Womens Premier League Auction 2023 Live Updates: That will be that. The five franchises have assembled their squads with the inaugural auction of the WPL being a huge success. Follow the WPL 2023 Auction at Sportskeeda!


21:53 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Right then. The news, opinions, and chatter about everything surrounding this tournament and women's cricket will keep going. The battles at the bidding table are done. This was only one box ticked. With the squads assembled, what matters next is how the teams figure out their best combinations and bring their A-game to the fore when and where it matters - on the field. The tournament kicks off in less than a month's time, on the 4th of March. You can stick around with Sportskeeda to stay up to date with regards to the Women's Premier League. With that, we bring down the curtains on our coverage of this auction. This has been Pratyush, signing off on behalf of my colleagues, Karthik, and Jasvinder, along with a special mention for a very delighted RCB fan, Soorya. We hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Goodnight, buh bye!

21:47 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Jhulan Goswami (Mentor and Bowling coach): We got the players we wanted and have immense confidence in them. We are happy as a group

21:43 (IST)13 FEB 2023

After over 400 players registered for the Women's Premier League auction, a total of only 87 players, including 30 overseas, were sold at the auction. With the supply being much higher than the demand, there were quite of well-known stars who unfortunately missed out. Here's a list of those stars, who will hopefully be back next year 👇

21:38 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Last but not the least, it's the Mumbai Indians. The MI brand continues to expand with the team in the Women's Premier League being the latest addition to the mix. Much like the men's team, it will be an Indian captain leading the way for the MI women with Harmanpreet Kaur already confirmed as captain for the franchise. If they are able to replicate the same kind of success remains to be seen, but here's how their squad looks like 👇

21:35 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Jonathan Batty, Delhi Capitals head coach: We had our plans this morning and happy with how it has come out. With both the Indians and overseas, got a good amount of experience. Meg Lanning is one of the best if not the best ever, great captain too. So, will be Plan A at the moment!

21:33 (IST)13 FEB 2023

From one set of newbies at the auction table to the other. With well-rounded and highly experienced former players who are relatively new in the coaching unit, all eyes were on the Gujarat Giants' to see how they go about their business. They haven't really disappointed in that regard, blending together a fine mix of players to make up an exciting squad. Have a look 👇

21:22 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Well, if there's any side that came close to doing better than RCB at the auction, it was the UP Warriorz. It couldn't have been easy for them to take part in their first auction. However, they did rather well to construct a squad that has plenty of young exciting Indian stars along with some real power hitters in the middle too. How did the shape up in the end? You can find out, right here 👇

21:18 (IST)13 FEB 2023

From RCB, let's move up north to the Delhi Capitals, shall we? There won't too many disagreements when we say they've probably had the best auction of all sides. They took some time to get going, but the Capital city certainly has some big stars heading their way soon. Who are they? Check it out 👇

21:14 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Mithali Raj: Think we did a good job. The overseas contingent is very good. About the entire composition, may be not 100 % but we got close to that. (About U-19 players) It is the right time to pick and nurture them. They can learn a lot from the overseas players. Whoever we give the captaincy, important to take the team together, communicate and create a good dressing room. We have many captaincy options. (About who the captain will be) Why do you want me to strain me today? (Laughs). As a first time franchise, no one had the experience of an action. I got to know how the bidding works.

21:12 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Well, from all the list of players, let's break it down to see how each squad looks! To start things off, it's let's go with the team that bagged the first player in the auction, not to forget, also the most expensive player in the auction. With Ellyse Perry, Richa Ghosh, and Sophie Devine, only to name a few, the Royal Challengers Bangalore have a galaxy of stars lined up. Have a look 👇

21:08 (IST)13 FEB 2023

A total of only 90 spots were up for grabs before the Women's Premier League got underway. With over 400 players signing up for the auction, unfortunately, not all of them were as lucky to be signed up. Here's a list of all the players lost at the inaugural WPL auction 👇

20:54 (IST)13 FEB 2023

20:47 (IST)13 FEB 2023

And that's that! The gavel banged one final time in the inaugural auction of the Women's Premier League and it was a spectacle, to be honest. The sense of anticipation had been at an all-time high for a while now and the auction delivered on that promise of excitement. You could see the buzz everywhere, on your tele, on social media, probably even discussing it with your friends, breaking down and analyzing how every side have lined up. Well, the real battle is to be won on the field, but half the battle is still at the auction table. Either way, this is a historic and watershed moment in women's sport which will hopefully be remembered for a long time to come.

20:43 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Players sold in the final set:

Megan Schutt - Royal Challengers Bangalore (₹ 40 lakh)
Shabnam Shakil - Gujarat Giants (₹10 lakh)
Sonam Yadav - Mumbai Indians (₹10 lakh)
Jintimani Kalita - Mumbai Indians (₹10 lakh)
Neelam Bisht - Mumbai Indians (₹10 lakh)
Sahana Pawar - Royal Challengers Bangalore (₹10 lakh)

20:43 (IST)13 FEB 2023

The last player to be solid this evening is Sahana Pawar who goes to RCB for ₹10 Lakh!

20:43 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Mumbai Indians get another domestic player in the form of Neelam Bisht for ₹10 Lakh!

20:41 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Mumbai Indians get the duo of Sonam Yadav and Jintimani Kalita for ₹10 Lakh each

20:40 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Shabnam Shakil has been snapped up by Gujarat Giants for ₹10 Lakh!

20:40 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Megan Schutt goes to RCB for ₹40 Lakh!

20:39 (IST)13 FEB 2023

The last time we will be coming back this evening. Six players will go under the hammer!

20:27 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Meanwhile, here's a list of players who were sold in the second round of the accelerate auction:

Hayley Matthews - Mumbai Indians (₹ 40 lakh)
Heather Knight - Royal Challengers Bangalore (₹40 lakh)
Taniya Bhatia - Delhi Capitals (₹30 lakh)
Sushma Verma - Gujarat Giants (₹60 lakh)
Poonam Yadav - Delhi Capitals (₹30 lakh)
Jess Jonassen - Delhi Capitals (₹50 lakh)
Hurley Gala - Gujarat Giants (₹10 lakh)
Sneha Deepti - Delhi Capitals (₹30 lakh)
Arundhati Reddy - Delhi Capitals (₹30 lakh)
Chloe Tryon - Mumbai Indians (₹30 lakh)
Dane van Niekerk - Royal Challengers Bangalore (₹30 lakh)
Preeti Bose - Royal Challengers Bangalore (₹30 lakh)
Simran Shaikh - UP Warriorz (₹20 lakh)
Aparna Mondal - Delhi Capitals (₹10 lakh)
Ashwani Kumari - Gujarat Giants (₹35 lakh)
Humariaa Kazi - Mumbai Indians (₹10 lakh)
Poonam Khemnar - Royal Challengers Bangalore (₹10 lakh)
Komal Zanzad - Royal Challengers Bangalore (₹25 lakh)
Parunika Sisodia - Gujarat Giants (₹10 lakh)
Priyanka Bala - Mumbai Indians (₹20 lakh)

20:26 (IST)13 FEB 2023

There are a few sides that are yet to complete their minimum quota of 15 players. So, we'll have another quick break before coming back for one more round of the accelerated auction. 

20:25 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Priyanka Bala goes to Mumbai Indians for ₹20 Lakh!

20:24 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Parunika Sisodia goes to Gujarat Giants for ₹10 Lakh! 

20:23 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Left-arm seamer, Komal Zanzad comes up for ₹10 Lakh. MI and RCB go for Zanzad. In the end, RCB get her for ₹25 Lakh!

20:22 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Parushi Prabhakar comes up under the hammer for ₹10 Lakh. She remains unsold!

20:22 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Nishu Choudhary comes up for a base price of ₹10 Lakh. She doesn't get any takers!

20:21 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Neetu Singh is another player who goes unsold at a base price of ₹10 Lakh!

20:21 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Neelam Bisht remains unsold at ₹10 Lakh!

20:21 (IST)13 FEB 2023

RCB pick up Poonam Khemnar for ₹10 Lakh!

20:20 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Humairaa Kazi goes to Mumbai Indians for ₹10 Lakh!

20:19 (IST)13 FEB 2023

All-rounder, Ashwani Kumari comes up for a base price of ₹10 Lakh. RCB and Gujarat Giants are going for her at the moment! It is Gujarat who eventually get her for ₹35 Lakh!

20:19 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Shipra Giri and Australian seamer, Tess Flintoff remain unsold!

20:18 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Delhi Capitals pick up wicket-keeper batter, Aparna Mondal for 10 Lakh!

20:18 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Simran Shaikh goes to UP Warriorz at ₹10 Lakh!

20:17 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Ishwari Savkar remains unsold at ₹10 Lakh!

20:17 (IST)13 FEB 2023

RCB get experienced spinner, Preeti Bose for ₹30 Lakh!

20:17 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Having missed out on the World Cup, Dane van Niekerk goes to RCB for ₹30 Lakh!

20:16 (IST)13 FEB 2023

An absolute steal, Chloe Tryon has been snapped up by Mumbai Indians for ₹30 Lakh!

20:15 (IST)13 FEB 2023

Pace-bowling all-rounder, Arundhati Reddy lands herself at Delhi Capitals for ₹30 Lakh!

20:14 (IST)13 FEB 2023

All-rounder Swagatika Rath, remains unsold at ₹30 Lakh!
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