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WWE NXT Results, LIVE Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (4th November 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 05, 2020 03:32 GMT

Will Ember Moon get the win over Dakota Kai?


03:08 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

And that's our show. Kind of underwhelming, but not a bad episode. Thanks to Greg for taking over for a few minutes and to all of you for tuning in! 

I'll see you all next week. Until then... I'm outta here.

03:07 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Tomasso Ciampa defeated Velveteen Dream
Toni Storm defeated Shotzi Blackheart
Dain/Maverick vs Ever-Rise ends in a no contest
Kushida defeated Cameron Grimes
Dakota Kai defeated Ember Moon

03:04 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Let's get our match results...

03:04 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Well, that was weird... an episode that ended with a basic one on one match with a clean finish. No one raced in and interfered, no hijinks. Huh.

03:03 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Dream suplexes Tomasso out of the ring, then tosses him back in. He grabs a chair, but the ref tosses it out of the ring. Meanwhile, Dream goes off the top rope, but Tomasso nails him with a leaping knee and then a Widow's Bell and Fairytale Ending later and

RESULT: Tomasso Ciampa defeats Velveteen Dream

02:57 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Dream's using his cast to his advantage, incorporating it into a Camel Clutch. But Ciampa fights out and starts to blast away on Vel

02:55 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

When we come back from the break, Dream takes over with an eye gouge and plants Ciampa with a spinebuster. 

02:52 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:51 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:50 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

After a few more minutes of punishment, Dream tries to leave, but the Psycho Killer drags him back in for more. A German and sliding knee connects, and Ciampa brings Dream down for a stomp to the cast. 

02:49 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Ciampa takes advantage of Dream's injured arm, using the cast to apply more pressure. On the floor, Ciampa slams Dream's casted hand on the announce desk. 

02:48 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream face of in the main event next.

02:44 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:43 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

August Grey.

Eh... I've heard worse.

02:43 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:41 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Greene, Gray, it's some color that starts with 'G'

02:41 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

It's another live edition of Thatch as Thatch Can and, as usual, he's terrorizing his teaching subject. Suddenly, his student from last week, Anthony Greene, hits the ring and attacks, sending Thatcher scrambling.

02:36 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:32 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:31 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:29 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Candice drives a big truck over Shotzi's tank and Shotzi is losing it.

02:28 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Shotzi heads back into the ring and there's Candice Larae on the big screen with Shotzi's tank. Toni sneaks into the ring and rolls Shotzi up for the win.

RESULT: Toni Storm defeats Shotzi Blackheart (and also I was kind of wrong)

02:26 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Blackheart nails Storm with a DDT ONTO THE RING APRON!

02:25 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

I'm usually wrong so this should be interesting.

02:25 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

So... based on how this match has gone so far, Shotzi will come close to winning but Storm will pull it off in the end and then they'll hug.

02:19 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:18 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Toni has been dominating the match since the chaotic opening, but Shotzi refuses to stay down.

02:17 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:14 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

After a fun little segment where Johnny Gargano announces he's defending his North American title next week, Storm vs Blackheart kicks off and Shotzi storms (no pun intended) the ring, screaming at her opponent.

02:10 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

I still feel like calling the crowd mean names is lazy heel work.

02:07 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:07 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Team McAfee heads to their Yukon to drive away, but Killian Dain attacks!

Pete Dunne kicks him into the side of the vehicle and then KICKS THE DOOR SHUT ON DAIN'S HEAD. OW.

02:05 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

02:04 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Also, McAfee rips on Vic Joseph for some reason.

02:03 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

The guys decide to throw the banner into the trash instead, with Pete Dunne holding a bottle of lighter fluid.

02:01 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

McAfee is cutting an old school promo while also kind of "shooting" a little bit.

01:58 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

McAfee and the "Kings of NXT" (really?) are here to "retire" Undisputed ERA by hanging a banner for them in the CWC.

01:57 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

01:52 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

McAfee grabs a TV camera and starts filming Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, and Pete Dunne attack Kain and Maverick

01:51 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Pat McAfee and his crew are here... and now they've hit the ring to break up this match!

RESULT: Dain/Maverick vs Ever-Rise ends in a no contest

01:49 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

01:48 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Dain tags in Drake, then grabs him and tosses him onto the legs of... whichever ER dude that is. Then he slams Drake onto him. Drake gets a 2.

01:48 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Killian Dain & Drake Maverick are taking on Ever-Rise once again.

01:43 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Toni Storm is talking and SHE respect Shotzi, but says Shotzi made a mistake choosing her as an opponent because this is a NEW Toni Storm and blah blah blah commercial

01:41 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

Kushida goes for a German Suplex but Grimes squirms out and pushes Kushida into the ref. Both wrestlers attempt to win, but... you know... no ref. Finally, a new ref comes out... and it's the one from Grimes' match last week. Grimes freaks out and Kushida takes the opportunity to slap the Hoverboard Lock on him.

RESULT: Kushida defeats Cameron Grimes

01:38 (GMT)5 NOV 2020

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