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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (14th October 2019) | WWE Draft 2019

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 15, 2019 03:21 GMT

Who will get the first draft pick of night two?


03:16 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

WHEW! So... that was a pretty busy episode of Raw tonight. I dunno about you, but *I* watched it. 

I'm joking, I liked it. It wasn't amazing but it was fun. 

Anyway, thank you again for following along and if you have any comments or questions, please shoot them over on Twitter to @SKProWrestling. 

Everybody have a good night (or morning or whatever time it is where you) and I'll see you on Wednesday!

03:14 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Draft results:
Seth Rollins - Raw
Brock Lesnar - SmackDown
Charlotte Flair - Raw
The New Day - SmackDown
Andrade - Raw
SmackDown - Daniel Bryan
Raw - Rusev
SmackDown - Bayley
Raw- Aleister Black
SmackDown - Shinsuke Nakamura
Raw - Cedric Alexander
Raw - Humberto Carrillo (from 205 Live)
SmackDown - Ali
Raw- Erick Rowan
Raw - Buddy Murphy
Raw - Jinder Mahal
SmackDown - Roode and Ziggler
Raw - R-Truth
SmackDown - Carmella
Raw - Samoa Joe
SmackDown - The Miz
Raw - Akira Tozawa
SmackDown - King Corbin
Raw- Shelton Benjamin
SmackDown - Shortly Gable
Raw - Rey Mysterio
Raw - Titus O'Neil
SmackDown - Elias
Raw - Liv Morgan

03:06 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Kabuki Warriors defeat Natalya and Lacey Evans
Buddy Murphy defeats Cedric Alexander
Ricochet defeats Shelton Benjamin
Aleister Black defeats Eric Young
Viking Raiders defeat Roode and Ziggler for the Raw Tag Team Championship
Andrade defeats Ali
Becky Lynch defeats Charlotte Flair

03:01 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

So, let's get the match results and the draft results, shall we?

03:01 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Bray is laughing in the background as the set burns and we're done for the night!

03:00 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

This is AWESOME! No one expected this!

03:00 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

YEP! Rollins lights the Funhouse set on fire

03:00 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Is he going to do what I think he's going to do?

02:59 (GMT)15 OCT 2019


02:58 (GMT)15 OCT 2019


02:58 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Asuka rolls up Evans for the pin

Result: Kabuki Warriors defeats Evans and Natalya

02:57 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Dio: "It's like one of my Japanese animes"

Jesus, Dio, stop being awesome

02:57 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Evans goes for the top rope but Kairi knocks her into the Tree of Woe.

Nattie breaks up the pin fall.

02:55 (GMT)15 OCT 2019


02:55 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

That's not sarcasm. This isn't a GREAT match, but it's RIVETING

02:54 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Man, I am REALLY invested in this match.

Props to everyone in it. This is good.

02:53 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

"This Asuka had a legitimate mean streak"

Yeah, King. We've watched NXT

02:52 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Asuka keeps trying different submission moves on Nattie, Nattie keeps fighting her way out.

02:50 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Ten minutes to go on Raw tonight! What are you guys predicting? We still have a Firefly Funhouse to go.

02:47 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Natalya has a Sharpshooter on Asuka and Sane comes in to break it up. 

Asuka nails Nattie off the ring apron as we go to break.

02:45 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Dio Madden just called Asuka Kairi Sane's "senpai"

Yep. New favorite announcer.

02:42 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

The champs have control of the match as we come back from break, but Evans isn't having it and kicks Sane out of the ring.

Sane nails Evans with a back fist and a leg drop and heads back to the ring.

02:40 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

02:37 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

OK then

02:37 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Natalya announces her mystery partner and she picks....

Lacey Evans

02:36 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

02:36 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

WWE Women's Tag Tea m Champions The Kabuki Warriors are headed to the ring for a match.

02:35 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Booker T mentions there's going to be a "blockbuster trade" and they'll talk about that and all other trades during WWE Backstage on FS1 tomorrow

02:35 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Samoa Joe thinks Buddy Murphy is the best draft pick of the night.

Beth Phoenix picks King Corbin.

02:33 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Raw selects Liv Morgan.


02:33 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

SmackDown selects Elias

02:33 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Raw selects Titus O'Neil

02:32 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Raw selects Rey Mysterio.

SmackDown selects Shorty Gable.

02:32 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

NBCSN's Premier League panel is comparing the draft and WWE to the EPL and, frankly, I'm a little insulted.

02:29 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

John Cena is in a Nickelodeon movie.

02:28 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

The Street Profits have been looking for the OC. Now, they want to take them on, 3 on 3, but they're going to go M. Night Shyamalan on them... and keep their partner a mystery

02:27 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

WHOA! Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt, for the Universal Championship, in a Falls Count Anywhere match, at Crown Jewel

02:26 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

02:25 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

For the record, Crown Jewel is at 1pm ET on October 31 on the WWE Network

02:25 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

02:24 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Murphy hits Murphy's Law and GETS THIS WIN!!

Result: Buddy Murphy defeats Cedric Alexander

02:23 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

02:23 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

I can't keep up with this match. Yowie wowie. I'll try and get you guys as many GIFs as I can but... yikes!

02:21 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

02:18 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Jerry Lawler makes fun of Murphy's hair.

Dio Madden: "Well, he's Australian.

Yep. Dio Madden is my new favorite announcer.

02:17 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

02:16 (GMT)15 OCT 2019

Cedric Alexander tries to get a handshake but Australian Han Solo throws some hair sweat into his eyes and attacks.
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