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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (23rd September 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 24, 2019 08:59 IST

Who will challenge Rollins next week for the Universal Title?


08:33 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Thank you for joining us! We'll see you tomorrow night for the final episode of SmackDown Live on Tuesdays!

08:33 (IST)24 SEP 2019

08:32 (IST)24 SEP 2019

08:32 (IST)24 SEP 2019

He crawls back towards Strowman and chokes him out once more. He stares at Rollins again before turning his body and looking at Strowman. Wow.

08:30 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Strowman is all too aware of what's going on and asks "WHERE ARE YOU?". He gets the mandible claw from The Fiendand passes out. The Fiend crawls towards Rollins like he did last week and the Universal Champion screams in fear

08:29 (IST)24 SEP 2019

He looks to make things right but the LIGHTS GO OUT!! YES!

08:28 (IST)24 SEP 2019

He gets a powerslam on the outside before being sent back

08:28 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Strowman intercepts the curbstomp and tries to slam him but gets sent outside. Seth Rollins hits suicide dive #1 and #2, the latter of which knocks him down. The third one doesn't do the trick and he gets chokeslammed against the hardest part of he ring! Strowman goes on to run through Rollins

08:27 (IST)24 SEP 2019

08:26 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Rollins gets two splashes on Strowman but isn't able to get more than a two count!

08:25 (IST)24 SEP 2019

He hits a superkick that gets a one count

08:24 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Back in the ring, Seth Rollins goads Strowman to the corner and slams his legs against the ringpost

08:24 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Braun Strowman sends Rollins outside the ring and begins the charge to bulldoze through him. Rollins gets out of the way and tries to jump on him but fails to do so, getting caught and sent into the ring.

08:19 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Strowman unsurprisingly starts off strong and ragdolls Rollins right off the bat

08:18 (IST)24 SEP 2019

08:15 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman

Time for the main event!

08:10 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Seth Rollins is pleased about facing Mysterio in a dream match. He says he isn't thrilled about facing Strowman and Wyatt later on

08:09 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Mystero goes for the seated senton but gets caught. Roode tries for a Glorious DDT but gets sent to the ropes. A 619 and frog splash sends Mysterio right into contendership!

Rey Mysterio is the new #1 contender for the Universal Championship - He will face Seth Rollins in the season premier of RAW next week

08:07 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Robert Roode looks to finish the underdog Mysterio but fails to do so. Roode lands a spinebuster on Mysterio on the run but the legendary luchador kicks out. The crowd is HOT and behind him!

08:06 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Nakamura tries to get the better of Styles but is unable to do so. He gets ready for a Kinshasa but Styles avoids it and tries for a Styles Clash. Nakamura evades it and sends Styles outside the ring. Meanwhile, Mysterio gets Nakamura in a 619 position but Styles stops Mysterio. He tries to hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Roode but lands on Nakamura!!

AJ Styles eliminates Shinsuke Nakamura

Robert Roode takes immediate advantage and gets the Glorious DDT!

Robert Roode eliminates AJ Styles

08:02 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Robert Roode has Mysterio, Nakamura and Styles down and tries to pin ALL THREE again but fails to do so, getting visibly frustrated

07:58 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Ricochet hits the recoil on Roode but Nakamura lands the Kinshasa and eliminates him.

Shinsuke Nakamura eliminates Ricochet

07:56 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Rey Mysterio and Ricochet go face-to-face and begin the battle. They go counter-for-counter but Ricochet gets the better of the exchange

07:55 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Shinsuke Nakamura takes control of Ricochet and has him up against the turnbuckles, after which he hits a knee to the body, Mysterio waits patiently outside for his turn as the two men battle and he splahes right on Nakamura

07:54 (IST)24 SEP 2019

AJ Styles and Robert Roode have a face-to-face and they double-team as "TNA" chants are heard in the distance. They work together against Ricochet but their temporary alliance gets disbanded with a Pele kick

07:53 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Ricochet jumps outside the ring and AJ Styles strikes him with a big right. Mysterio tries to slide under Roode but gets caught and gets a knee to the gut

07:48 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Mysterio's springboard moonsault takes out AJ Styles while Ricochet's takes out Shinsuke Nakamura. The two high-flyers are in control!

07:43 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Rey Mysterio vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles vs Ricochet vs Robert Roode - #1 contender to the Universal Championship

07:38 (IST)24 SEP 2019

07:37 (IST)24 SEP 2019

AoP are doing one of those sit-down interviews and randomly go out and beat down Heath Slater and No Way Jose. They're now back in the seat and complete a very brief sit-down

07:34 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Gable escapes an End of Days attempt and applies the ankle lock in the middle of the ring. He hits Gable with a scepter in the hand, DQing himself.

Chad Gable def. Baron Corbin by DQ

07:33 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Gable makes the big comeback and nearly gets the better of Corbin after a picture-perfect moonsault.

07:31 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Corbin keeps getting frustrated at every failed attempt, screaming at the referee. He hits a chokeslam but it's still a 2!

07:28 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Corbin places Gable up on the turnbuckle. Gable counters with a crossbody, getting an opening. Corbin strikes Gable but gets a 2!

07:26 (IST)24 SEP 2019

The King is still dominating after the break. He has Chad Gable in a....resthold.

07:22 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Corbin takes complete control as Gable doesn't have an answer!

07:20 (IST)24 SEP 2019

King Corbin sends Gable outside. When he enters the ring again, the King continues to wear him down

07:15 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Backstage, Sami Zayn is hyping Shinsuke Nakamura up for his match tonight 

07:10 (IST)24 SEP 2019

King Corbin vs Chad Gable

Yes, Baron Corbin now goes by the name King Corbin and his teme song has been adjusted too

07:10 (IST)24 SEP 2019

07:09 (IST)24 SEP 2019

07:09 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Carmella gets a hug and SHE PINS R-TRUTH FOR THE TITLE! What a twist!

R-Truth only smiles...but now the women of the roster come out to chase the title. THE CHASE BEGINS AGAIN!

07:07 (IST)24 SEP 2019

R-Truth and Carmella are running into the ring. They soon get surrounded on two sides and Carmella takes a mic. She begs them to all stop and that she's sick and tired and can't handle the running and chasing anymore

07:05 (IST)24 SEP 2019

06:59 (IST)24 SEP 2019


06:59 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Natalya watches on and when asked about Evans using the Sharpshooter, she says she doesn't blame her for using it, but she's far from perfecting it. She offers a rematch, but says that Evans will have to tap out

06:58 (IST)24 SEP 2019

Evans manages to make the comeback and uses the sharpshooter to win.

Lacey Evans def. Ember Moon
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