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WWE SmackDown Live Results: Friday Night SmackDown Updates & Highlights (2nd July 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 03, 2021 02:23 GMT

What will be the fallout from Edge's return?


02:00 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Thanks for following along with us, folks. We’ll see you next week for Monday Night RAW!

01:59 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:57 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:56 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Edge demolishes Jimmy and even puts him in a crossface. Roman Reigns has yet to make the save. 

Jimmy taps out, and then eats a spear from the Rated-R Superstar.

01:54 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Edge says Roman laid a perfect trap, but it’s for Jimmy not him. 

01:53 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Jimmy Uso calls out Edge, and for several minutes it seems like he’s not going to come to the ring. Eventually, Metalingus hits. Edge says that Roman is using Jimmy just like he used Jey.

01:52 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:52 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:51 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:49 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:47 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Jimmy Uso is hyped up by Paul Heyman before he heads to the ring to call out Edge. After he walks through the curtain, Heyman wipes his hands off on his jacket. What’s that about?

01:45 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:45 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:44 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Otis runs through Dawkins with a nasty clothesline, almost knocking the breath out of the former tag champion. Otis follows with the flying splash, flattening Dawkins. 

Instead of going for the pin, Otis hits a Vader Bomb. 

Otis defeats Angelo Dawkins via pinfall. 

01:42 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Otis is up next as he takes on Angelo Dawkins in singles action. Chad Gable is at ringside, Montez Ford is not. 

01:42 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:42 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:36 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:35 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Backstage, Seth introduces himself to Adam Pearce and Sonya, seeing as they didn’t know his resume last week when they gave Edge a title shot over him. 

Sonya says that Seth still has a chance to win the Money in the Bank. All he has to do is beat Cesaro next week. 

01:34 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:33 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Liv catches Zelina with a roll-up, though, picking up another victory over an official Sonya pick.

01:32 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

When we come back from break the match is already under way. Zelina leaves Liv in the corner for a pump kick and follows with a running knee for a two-count.

01:32 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:28 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:27 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Carmella comes out and claims it’s unfair to give a spot to someone who hasn’t even wrestled on SmackDown this year. She demands another match, looking to beat Zelina and once again prove she deserves to be in the ladder match.

01:26 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:25 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Zelina says it’s Sonya’s honor to announce her return. Zelina will win the MITB this year and vows to capture the RAW, SmackDown, or NXT women’s championship.

01:24 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:24 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Sonya Deville announced the next MITB competitor…and it’s Zelina Vega!!

01:23 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Boogz found Corbin backstage and cracked several “King” jokes, but Corbin was almost too depressed to care. He looked at Boogz and simply said “Screw you man” before leaving.

01:17 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:17 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:17 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:15 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

On the floor, Owens says this is karma, driving Zayn through another table and the announcer’s desk. 

Another powerbomb to the ring apron connects, and Zayn is nowhere near capable of getting to his feet. 

Kevin Owens defeats Sami Zayn.

01:14 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Zayn’s flying ddt through the ring post is countered with a superkick. Back inside the ring, the pop-up powerbomb connects, as does the Stunner. 

01:13 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:12 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Zayn hammers KO with Helluva Kicks, claiming it’s karma for everything Owens has ever done to him. 

After the final kick, Owens rolls out the ring to his feet at nine and a half.

01:11 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Somehow Owens gets up at nine. Sami drives Owens into the apron with a dragon suplex, but KO still refuses to die.

01:06 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:06 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:05 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Owens takes Sami to the top, but Sami is able to slip through his feet. Sami shoves Owens off the ring post and into the tables!

01:03 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Owens stacks two tables on top of each other, but Zayn blockes the superplex. After a five, Zayn brings Owens back in to brawl. A German into the corner sees Owens get to his feet at six.

01:01 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

01:01 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

Owens batters Zayn with nasty open palm slaps, leaving him in a daze as Owens grabs some tables.

00:58 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

00:56 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

00:56 (GMT)3 JUL 2021

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