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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown before Survivor Series (20th November 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 21, 2020 04:11 GMT

Will the Disciple triumph over The Messiah?


03:02 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Thanks for following along with us, folks! We'll see you this Sunday for Survivor Series! 

Street Profits & New Day defeats Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Bobby Roode, and Dolph Ziggler 
Natalya defeats Tamina 
Murphy defeats Seth Rollins
Daniel Bryan defeats Jey Uso 

02:58 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:58 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

As Jey moves to the top, Bryan follows him for a top rope back suplex. Jey bends like an accordion while Bryan fires up. The Yes Kicks connect, with the final one nearly knocking Jey's block off. Bryan's Knee Plus is countered with a superkick, though. Two more superkicks lay out Bryan as Uso goes up for the Uso Splash. Bryan gets the knees up for the inside cradle and the 1-2-3. 

Daniel Bryan defeats Jey Uso via pinfall. 

02:54 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

On the apron, Bryan fights back against Jey momentarily, but a sky-high superplex brings Bryan to the mat for a close two-count. However, he brings Jey over for a crucifix and turns it into the Yes Lock. Jey fights out, battering the kidneys with elbows and knee strikes. 

02:51 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:51 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Back from the break, Jey Uso continues to bash Daniel Bryan. The multi-time tag team champion claims that it's nothing personal again. 

02:50 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:46 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

A suicide dive drive Jey's spine into the table. However, Jey responds with a back body drop launching the Planet's Champion through it. That can't be good news for the newly returned Bryan. 

02:45 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Daniel Bryan launches into Jey Uso but struggles to stand up to Jey's brawling. However, after a few kicks to Jey's legs, Bryan locks him in an STF before clubbing Jey with right and lefts. Jey pops Bryan with an uppercut and a shoulder block before taking him to the floor. After stating this isn't personal, he sends Bryan into the steps and clears off the announcer's desk. However, that took enough time for Bryan to recover, bringing Jey inside for a flying dropkick. 

02:43 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

It's time for the main event. Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso II. 

02:42 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:39 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:39 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:37 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Kayla Braxton catches Jey Uso backstage and asks if it's okay for him to talk to her now. Jey says he has the green light, and he's also got the green light to destroy Daniel Bryan tonight. 

02:36 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Asuka is here as well, and Michael Cole is in the ring to interview both champions. Cole goes over their feud so far, with Banks taking the RAW Women's Championship off of Asuka this summer. At SummerSlam, though, The Empress of Tomorrow defeated Banks to regain the gold. However, with Bayley out of sight now, Banks is at the top of her game. At Survivor Series, these two will look to prove once and for all who's the best of the best. 

Carmella interrupts the segment, demolishing Banks again. Asuka just watches on as it goes down. Mella says that Boss TIme is over and sets Banks up in the tree of woe for a superkick. 

Well uh...thanks for the help there Asuka. 

02:31 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Sasha Banks is out next and as much as I love her, she's associated with Cole's nail on the chalkboard "It's Boss Time" phrase.

02:30 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:30 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:30 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:28 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Murphy bounces out of the Buckle Bomb with two flash knee strikes. After dodging the Curb Stomp, he hits Murphy's Law for the incredible upset. Murphy has just pinned a multi-time WWE Champion. 

Murphy defeats Seth Rollins via pinfall. 

Murphy celebrates with The Mysterio Family in the ring.

02:26 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:26 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Murphy rocks Rollins with a kick and sends him to the floor for a big rolling dive. A step-up enziguri sets Murphy up on the top, but Rollins turns it into his superplex/falcon arrow combination for a two-count. While Murphy dazes Rollins with a knee, he's caught in the ropes for The Stomp. 1-2-Murphy gets to the ropes to break up the pin. 

02:23 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Back from the break, Rollins apparently did nothing to Aalyah as he's back in the ring punishing Murphy. All three Mysterios are cheering Murphy on. 

Thanks for the pointless tease there, WWE. 

02:19 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Rollins begins to stalk Aalyah as we cut to a commercial break. Well...that's a cliffhanger alright.. 

02:18 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

It's time for the grudge match between Seth Rollins and Murphy. Rollins is caught off guard by the Mysterio Family accompanying his former Disciple to the ring. Murphy rushes Rollins, who barely avoids a pump knee and spinning back fist. A double leg takedown brings the former WWE Champion to the mat. Rollins escapes and avoids another knee, sending Murphy through the ropes and into the barricade. 

The Messiah follows up with a shot into the ring post. Back in the ring, Rollins spits venom at Rey, Dominik, and Aalyah Mysterio while tying Murphy up in the ropes. He goes to the floor for a kendo stick, and when Rey and Dominik try to stop him, he sends them into the barricade as well. The distraction allows Murphy to escape the ropes, but he's launched high off the top rope onto the barricade ribs first. 

02:12 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:12 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:11 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

02:11 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Roman and Drew genuinely feels like a major fight. Say what you want about the rest of the build to this PPV, but my God did they do something great with these two. 

02:07 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

The velcro straps on the belts really kill any mood for anything. Is that just me? It's like having a velcro wallet. 

02:07 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Roman takes the contract, but not before Drew gives him some "advice" which is to never take him lightly. Roman is offended that anyone would give him advice. He's the Tribal Chief. Paul Heyman gives him advice, nobody else. At Survivor Series, Drew will learn that he's a secondary titleholder. He's the guy WWE sends out when Roman's busy. The whole world knows Roman Reigns, but the same can't be said for Drew McIntyre. 

Roman is THE champion. The face of WWE, and the head of the table. One day Drew McIntyre may have the opportunity to be the man, and when that does happen, he'll look back at this moment and thank Roman for what he will turn Drew into. In fact, Drew will love him, and Roman will love him back. Drew will always be Roman's favorite No. 2. 

02:03 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

The table is set, with Roman choosing not to sit opposite of Drew. Instead, he's at the head of the table. He demands Pearce sit in the other seat. The Big Dog says he knew that Drew would win the WWE Championship on RAW, but he's the right guy at the wrong time. Drew says that he's not gonna get upset and flip the table. The match is already in place. He's here to sign a contract and nothing else. 

01:58 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

It's time for the contract signing between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. At Survivor Series, the WWE and Universal Champions will go head to head, looking to prove who is the real top man in WWE. 

01:50 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Tamina hits Nattie with a superkick, but can't land the Samoan Drop. Nattie sends Tamina into the ring post and lays her out with a clothesline. The Sharpshooter is locked in, and Tamina is forced to tap out.

Natalya defeats Tamina via submission. 

The B.O.A.T. is now on Team SmackDown, alongside Bayley, The Riott Squad, and Bianca Belair. 

01:48 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

The qualifier between Tamina and Natalya is up next, and Bianca Belair is on commentary. Bayley comes out as well, looking to hog Bianca's spotlight. 

01:47 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Seth Rollins cuts a promo on Murphy ahead of their match tonight. Rollins says that his former Disciple only met Aalyah because of The Greater Good, and that tonight the former Cruiserweight Champion will suffer for his transgressions against the Friday Night Messiah. 

01:46 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

01:46 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

01:46 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

01:41 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Adam Pearce announces Otis as the fifth and final member of the Survivor Series team. Otis and Chad Gable celebrate and get ready for the opportunity. Natalya, furious, demands to be put on the team. Pearce claims that he can only give one member per team a slot, and has given it to Bayley. 

Nattie still has a chance tonight, though. That is as long as she can defeat Tamina. 

01:40 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Daniel Bryan and Kayla Braxton watch the footage from SmackDown weeks ago when Jey Uso brutally assaulted the multi-time WWE Champion. The Planet's Champion says he's not worried about Jey because he's got a devil on his shoulder. That devil? The Universal Champion. Bryan has his own devil on his shoulder and plans on showing what he can do when pushed to the limits tonight. 

01:36 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

01:35 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

01:33 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

Backstage, Sami Zayn runs into the returning Daniel Bryan and claims that the Leader of the Yes Movement is mocking him by simply smiling. Bryan shoves him down, and Zayn runs away claiming he doesn't forget. Turning to Kayla Braxton, Bryan says that he believes in social distancing. 

01:32 (GMT)21 NOV 2020

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